Mommy Fuel

The other day I found myself outwardly giggling as I stood in line at the grocery store.

Across the checkout aisle I spotted a mom with only two things. That's right, just two.

Now let's think. It's the Friday before a three-day weekend. What are the two things you couldn't do without if for some reason you were stranded for the next three days with no new groceries?

Any thoughts? Bread? Milk? 

Pshh. Child's play.

This momma had coffee and wine. Not just any bottle of wine though. The jumbo bottle. 

Like super jumbo. 

Seriously, I was laughing out loud. 

What more could any mom need than coffee and wine?!

Oh and a sweet little chunk to come home to...

Want something to look forward to? The rest of this week's posts will be featuring tales of my MIL. 

For real, get excited, y'all.

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