Sitting Stranger

Last Saturday, my mom watched J so that the Hubby and I could spend time painting the new house. But at 11:15 every Saturday my family meets at our favorite deli for lunch. 

So, when lunch time came around we dropped our paint brushes and headed to Albert's Deli. Because anyone who passes up a free, delicious lunch is just stupid.

I walked in, glanced at our regular table and continued on to order our food. 

But wait! The car-seat was empty. I did a double-take. 

My baby, my 5-month 3-week old baby, was sitting in a high chair!!

I'm pretty sure the mommy inside of me fell to the floor and started weeping. How is it possible that my baby is sitting up just as happy as can be in a high chair?!

This is serious business, mom!

My heart is melting, y'all. On Friday, this little {almost} sitting nugget will be 6 months old. And? I'm having to say goodbye to the newborn stage of our lives and welcome in this new "baby" stage.

So, bring on the high chairs. 

At least this means I can pull the cute high-chair cover my bestie got for Baby J. But for now? I'm going to go mourn the loss of our newborn stage.

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