Because I want to remember

...the way you pucker your lips and stare out the window fighting a nap every day on the way home from daycare.

...the way you've put your head on my shoulder every time I held you for the last four days.

...the way you light up when you set eyes on Daddy.

...the way you sleep on your tummy with your tushy up in the air.

...the way you're loving Baxter and his furry beard. 

This, is why I blog. Because I want to remember. 

One day when J is old enough to storm off into his room and scream that he hates me, I want to be able to come back to my blog and remember. When I think I'm not a good mom. I can come back here and remember. One day when Baby J is Teenager J, I still want to remember these precious, fleeting baby moments.

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