Dear 13 year-old self...

Today you turn 24. 

Looking back on year 23, it looks like life is playing out just as you always pictured.

Currently, you have a husband who loves you to the moon and back, a baby boy who is a precious as can be, two amazingly frustrating lovable pups. And? You're even a homeowner.

Yep, in the grand scheme of things, life is pretty amazing.

But 16 year-old self sits and stares at us in disappointment. You see, that girl had dreams of living in a big city and she certainly had no desire to be back in her hometown after college. Nope. That girl, she longed for bustling streets and skyscrapers. What a silly, silly girl. If only she knew how fullfilling this life is...

Just know...

The things you stress over in high school, college and even today are miniscule. Remember to take a step back sometimes and see how blessed you are. You have a family that while overbearing, is one-of-a-kind and loves you more than you can imagine. Although your mom may seem to be all in your business now, at the ripe age of 18, you'll realize she's your best friend.

That boy you think is the love of your life, isn't. He'll realize that when you're 17, but it will take you well into year 18 to come to terms with it. And unfortunately there is more heartache after that. But the good news is that Mr. Right {Hubby B} will swoop in when you least expect it and prove to you that love is all about timing, dedication and forgiveness.

The jobs you dream of having will change with the seasons. And the one you currently have is pretty freakin' sweet. No you aren't some big-time magazine editor {just the editor of this lil blog}, but that's okay. Because every day you go to work and the people there love you. They accept you. They teach you and they learn with you. When motherhood gets hard they are understanding. They are family and even though its not Marie Claire, it's perfect.

And that baby?

Yep, that one.

He will change you in ways you can't even imagine now. Thirteen-year-old self, I know you want kids, but at 18 you'll find out you can't have them. At 22, God will slap your doctor in the face and bless you with a baby. And this little thing called motherhood? Well, let's just say it leaves you speechless.You'd do anything for this nugget who in the right light looks just like you {but more like your husband}

Cherish these moments. Savor each second of your years.

Thirteen-year-old self, we've officially reached "mid-twenties." And as it currently stands the outlook is bright.

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  1. Happy birthday!!!
    it's so strange how different life turns out than what you want when you are 16. i can tell you that like you, i never thought i'd be here right now.
    and dont say 24 is midtwenties. i turn 24 next summer, and i prefer to pretend it's still early twenties! haha

  2. Stopping by from FF&P! just a day late:)

    happy birthday! I love this post-and your little boy is precious!

  3. My how things change...and our priorities...and the things we think that will make us happy. That's what life is all about :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! It goes so quickly!! ANd that boy, just delicious!

  5. This post made me cry!! It's so amazing how life and what you want out of life changes with each passing year. Great Post! Happy Birthday! :)

  6. Love this! Happy birthday :)

  7. YOu are very smart and lucky that it took you only till age 18 to get over that boy you loved. I still secretly pine for the one I loved (and I'm 42! Gah!) I guess it's that part of my adolescence I won't let go of...even though the guy is a tree hugger and our voting philophies would have had us divorced a long time ago!

  8. Love this! Hope you had a great birthday!

  9. Happy birthday!!!Also, I thought you mom's may be interested in the newest kids craze in my town, Patch Hats! Check out a hat you have never seen before here at

  10. I just hopped by to Say Hi Sunday! :-)
    Followed you on GFC

  11. LOVE this post!! If only we knew then what we know now, right? :) Happy Birthday to you!!

  12. Happy Birthday! I love this post. What a great idea and what a journey right?


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