Fun With Our Phones {week 11}

Monday always comes too quickly, doesn't it? Well, it sure does around our house. 

I must say I'm being optimistic about this week after the train wreck that was my life last week. Let's face it, it couldn't get much worse, so what's there can't be too much to stress over, right?

On second thought...

Let's just talk phone photos...

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We made multiple trips to the pediatrician last week. Each time I attempted to snap some photos of the "little dude."  He was in such sad spirits I almost felt bad taking pics of him. But? My real camera's battery had died and up until last night I didn't have a charger for it. 

FEDEX got a memo that I'd had a bad week. You see, they so kindly brought me a present Saturday afternoon. was like opening the front door to a breath of fresh air. LIFE PLANNER!

Sunday rounded out the weekend with a semi-fussy, but much happier baby than in previous days.  

Let's just say I'm praying today is in no way a manic monday.