Fun With Our Phones {week 12)

Good Monday morning, lovelies.

We had a pretty busy weekend around these parts. Busy, but nice. The good news is, I have plenty of phone photos to share!

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We started the weekend early, with a day at home Friday. It was a perfect day filled with big, big achievements.

See below:

This guy figured out how to sit. All. By. Himself. 

He was so determined and finally made it happen during his pre-nap protest. J then proceeded to celebrate for a good 20 minutes...

When Hubby B arrived home from work, we packed up and headed to the mountains for a mini family reunion. I've always thought the mountains are the most soothing environment.

 A breath of fresh air, literally.

The trip was rather nice, except for J's exceptionally odd sleeping and napping habits during the course of the weekend. 

Expect all kinds of fun photos from the weekend, pumpkin patch adventures included!

Hope y'all had a great one!


  1. Great pics!! New follower from "Monday Monkey Hop" feel free to follow me back at

  2. I love the name of your blog! It creates such a sweet visual! Following you from Monday Monkey Hop.

  3. Very cute! He is adorable. I am your newest follower from the monkey Hop.

  4. Other than the *ahem* blowout football game this weekend, we had a great time! I love the pictures of J in his crib. So so so cute! Thanks for hosting :)

  5. The pictures of him in his crib are so cute! The mountains look beautiful. Glad you had a nice weekend,

  6. He looks so sweet sitting up all on his own!

  7. Awww what a big boy! And that mountain picture is awesome!

  8. I love how he is sleeping in the last picture - so funny!

  9. Hi ~ I am a new blog follower from Monday Monkey Blog Hop!! Hope you have a great week.

  10. Yay for new milestones! I get so excited when I see Giada do anything new, too, and I may or may not clap and have a huge smile on my face for a few days after :-)
    He is such a cutie too!


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