Fun With Our Phones {week 13}

I know you've got some phone photos, so get them posted, grab our button and add your linky below. Stick around, it's going to be a good week around here.

Thanks to everyone linking up with me and Savannah! We love ya to pieces!

I'm beyond excited for this week because I've got so much to share!

Expect some classic and crafty Fall features this week. Squee! I've basically been Martha Stewart this weekend. Get excited!

 And if you'll take a look over to the right column:
This blog of mine has reached 200 followers! 


To thank you loyal readers I'll be announcing a giveaway this week. On top of that exciting news, we've got crafts with the kiddo, cupcakes and Fall photos galore. 

It was a pretty amazing weekend around here, but for now I'm just going to share last year's pumpkins. 

Why last year's? Because they were pretty frickin' sweet.

Happy Halloween

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