That's pretty much what this week has been for me.

Completely overwhelming in every aspect. No matter where I turned this week I just couldn't catch a break.

If you were around on Monday, then you know the week had a somewhat rocky start. Well...I'm here to tell you, it just got rockier.


Last Friday, we found out our sweet Baby Mill has had a tumor. And so, on Monday, she had surgery. She's officially a "Survivor." Recovery is going great so far.

Wednesday hit me hard when J became pretty sick Tuesday night. We of course, headed to the pediatrician that morning. And? J has an ear infection again. I could scream, y'all. This poor kid always gets ear infections. This is his 3rd in his entire 6 month life.

What does all this mean? It means, that next week we'll be seeing the ENT to talk about tubes. It also meant that I had to miss an entire day of work Wednesday and then Friday? Yeah, we had to go back to the pediatrician because Thursday night J spent hours just screaming in pain. After attempting to sooth him for probably too long, he was finally able to put himself to sleep. Thus, we returned to the pediatrician for a shot of antibiotics.

Oh, and I forgot, when I returned to work on Thursday all hell had broken loose. And those two ladies who were arguing on Monday? Well they had almost  killed each other. EEEE! I mean there were tears and screaming. Rumor is it was awful. While I'm glad I wasn't there, it probably could have been prevented if I had been at work that day.

After all that? Most of our staff somehow ended not working Friday which left just me and one other paralegal for four attorneys {5 if you include the one traveling}. We were overwhelmed with work. It was like drowning in an ocean while someone teased you with a life raft.

I told you, hell.

But today, the little guy is feeling better. We're still in a little pain, but we've come leaps and bounds from Thursday night.

Something exciting? I've got my first Pinterest inspired recipe in the works and I had a brilliant idea for Baby J's halloween/Fall photos. Oh, and my Erin Condren life planner arrived today!!!

Happy Saturday lovelies!