How Quickly Things Change

I should've known that yesterday's post was just going to be one huge jinx.

That post was written and scheduled on Wednesday. Which meant as you all were reading my redemption story Thursday morning, I was experiencing my final straw with daycare.

You see, they pushed their limits with me Wednesday afternoon when I arrived to a baby who hadn't napped in four hours and had eaten food that wasn't his. Not just food that wasn't his but food that he'd never had before! Maybe I'm being one of those crazy mommas, but that is just not okay with me. What if he was allergic to said food? Worst case scenarios run through my head due to my day job. And all I could think was they're sure not worried about any legal liabilities are they?

But I digress. Let's get back to Thursday.

I arrived to daycare thinking we'd have a fresh start. My morning convo with his teacher went something like this:

Teacher: Do you not have J any diapers or wipes?

Me: No.

Teacher: Did they not tell you? He is completely out of both.

Me: {attempting to keep my calm even though my blood was bubbling} Why no, they didn't tell me or mark it on his sheet that has a place for you all to tell me that he is out of these things.

Teacher: Oh, well he's out of them.
Y'all I almost lost it. Seriously. I had to turn around go the 20-minute drive back home to get diapers and wipes because let's face it, it's just cheaper to spend my time and gas than the 40 bucks Walgreens would want to charge me for diapers.

So, because of yet another mistake daycare made I was an hour late to work yesterday.

Needless to say, we have decided to move daycares. But as all of you moms know, daycare waiting lists are scarier than the Halloween specials playing this weekend. I mean 1 year and you're lucky to get in much less a momma begging to get in today!

After some hardcore searching, we've found one that can get us in within two weeks! It could quite possibly be a miracle. Tonight Hubby B and I will be going to visit J's possible new daycare to see if it meets with standards. Luckily for them, my standards have been altered and at this point I'll take anyone who will love J and not bully me.

This week has been yet another rocky one, but? I'm pretty excited about this weekend. I've got a list of crafts and a photoshoot extravaganza planned for me and J tomorrow!!

Also, before I leave you for the day, I want to thank all of you for your support in my daycare drama. It has been beyond hard on me and without your encouraging words I'm not sure I'd be able to hold it together at all. So, thanks!!