Quite a Day


The work day is over and now I can find some sanity. 

My day? It consisted of two very PMSing moody coworkers. Someone forgot to give me the warning before work, but don't worry I found out fast. You know, like when they were standing over my head arguing. 


But in all that gloom I had a bright day. Want to know why? Erin Condren is everywhere {again}.

AP at I love you more than carrots and Jennifer at Life in the Green House are both having EC giveaways! I'm currently impatiently awaiting my very own Life Planner in the mail!! YAY!

And guess what else?! I hear that Erin Condren will be featured tomorrow over at One Kings Lane. Possibilities of $25 and/or $50 vouchers....click here to sign up!

Also? Could you spare a click/vote for me on this manic Monday?

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And just because this little guy can make anyone smile...


  1. this post AND that sweet picture TOTALLY made my Monday better!! :)

  2. I have an EC giveaway coming next week :)

  3. That face will make any Manic Monday better! I hope your week is shaping up to be better!

  4. Oh my! That face is to die for!! Love it!


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