A Redemption of Sorts

I'd planned to share a post today entitled "The Transition," but we're going to shake things up a bit.

You see, that post, was going to go a little something like this:
The week after our daycare drama, I found a note with J's daily stuff that read,"CONGRATULATIONS, your child is ready to transition to the next room!"
This would be exciting for a mom whose child was crawling, or creeping. But sweet Baby J just isn't. The effort is there, but his arm strength just isn't. Immediately, I knew that there was more to this note than the daycare thinking my child was actually ready to move to the next room.
However, being the bigger person, I gave it a chance and J began his transition.
 That was three weeks ago. 

Since then, my little guy has graduated from the Infant room to the "Creeper room."

Is he crawling yet? No, no he's not.

Is there a baby in the Infant room that is in fact crawling? Yes, yes there is.

Was I told when we registered at this daycare that your child transitions from the infant room once they learn to crawl? Yes, yes I was.

So, it seems to me that even though J isn't fundamentally ready to be in the creeper room, he's been sent there because the infant room teachers got pissed off mad at his mommy.

I've been thinking to myself that this can't be. People don't actually conduct business that way, especially a daycare that is suppose to be one of the best....right? They wouldn't move a child {who isn't ready} to the next room merely because mommy made the teachers mad.

I assured myself all weekend that they were just encouraging him to crawl and that this was a good thing {which I have decided it still is.}.

However, this morning, I received confirmation that J was indeed not moved due to fundamental reasons but simply because mommy is a biatch. Here's how this played out:

I walked into daycare this morning and ran into Baby E's mom walking out. Baby E is just one day younger than J and they started daycare the same day in June. {sidenote: we didn't know her previous to daycare, but we've been going through this daycare journey together due to their age}.
 Baby E's mom: "Did J move to the next room I noticed he wasn't there yesterday?"
 Me: "Why yes he did. Has Baby E started to transition yet?"
 Baby E's mom: "No. And I asked when she was and they said technically she could, but they wanted to wait until she was really ready."
Me: "Oh."
 Baby E's mom: "I can't believe they moved J, because another baby is actually crawling in the infant room!"
 Me: "Yes...apparently I made them mad enough to move my child out of that room entirely....I hope E joins us soon so that he's not the only non-crawler in the CRAWLER room!
Can you farking believe that?! I couldn't. But I kept my calm and went on into daycare. I asked J's new teacher if or when Baby E might be joining this room. And her response, well it was the response I needed all along:

 Teacher: "You know I'm not sure when Baby E is coming to this room. She was suppose to transition before J, but I'm not sure why she didn't."
 Uh, yeah. I KNOW WHY! Because her mom didn't piss off the teachers in the infant room!

This daycare literally moved my child to the next room even when he wasn't fundamentally ready because I made them mad!

Abso-freakin-lutely ridiculous.

The good news is, I had the chance to meet a mom from J's new room this morning as well. And she only had wonderful things to say about that room. So far, the teachers have been so kind to me and unlike the last teachers have followed the feed/nap schedule.

Honestly, I just like knowing I was right all along. I could throw a huge fit and raise some more hell, but we've had enough of that. If these teacher will continue to love J and be kind to me then that's all I can ask for.

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