{semi} Wordless Wednesday

While I flipped through some older photos I stumbled on this precious memory I've yet to chronicle.

So here ya go...

It was my favorite day of the week, Saturday. J and I were unpacking the guest room and he was getting fuss,fuss, fussy! What's a mom to do? Grab Horton the Hoo, that's what a mom should do! {yeah, I said it}

Yep, that was a great choice of entertainment for the dude.

His amazement at that pink puff and Horton's sweet holler of "Heeeeellloooooo!" left me melted into a puddle. I love watching the innocence of life through his eyes. It's magical.

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Unexpected Emotions

This day at work has easily been my hardest ever.

I was nervous about coming back to work after a week vacation mainly because you never know what kind of madness you're walking in to. But I came into the office this morning to find that it was pretty dull around here while I was gone.

What I never expected though was to find myself crying in my office by 10 am. Yes, crying. Like had to close the door, get out my kleenex and pray no one heard me.

The truth is, I miss my baby. That sweet little nugget that I dropped off at daycare this morning has been tugging at my heart all day.

Last week was amazing. Truly. Our vacation was wonderful. Seeing my SIL was fabulous {I love her}. And? Being able to play with my baby whenever I wanted {or you know when Grandma wasn't} was the greatest thing on earth.

This isn't the first time I've whined about my dreams of being a SAHM. And if you follow me on Twitter you've heard me bitch about it all day. But my lovely readers, there are some days that it feels wonderful to hand that crying baby over to daycare. And then there are days like today when I'd trade anything to be home with my little dude.

To you mommas who have the privilege to stay home, I hope you realize how blessed you are to spend these special days with your children. To other working mommas, how do you manage to cope on tough days like these?

Fun With Our Phones {week 17}

Happy Holidays, y'all!

I have SO much to do in order to fill this household with the the proper seasonal cheer. An entire week away from the house added even more to the "to-do" list. It's absolutely insane! I'm sure you all understand.

But a blogger must have priorities right? So, grab the button, post your photos and link-up with me and Savannah!

It was magical being away last week. The time we spent in Middle Tennessee was just what we needed. However, Monday is now laughing at me as I attempt to get back to the daily grind. 

You'll see below just a small example as to how much we were on the move:

It was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Things you lovely readers can look forward to around the blog this week? Black Friday shenanigans and road trip tales of new parents and a teething baby. 

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Today marks the last day of our vacation. Really, we should have left yesterday. But? There was shopping to be done and birthdays to celebrate.

Somehow we've managed to survive two Thanksgiving dinners in one day, Black Friday at Walmart and an entire week at my in-laws.

It's been a pretty sweet week around here. I have so many stories to share with y'all and a major update on the awesomeness that the Husband and I accomplished yesterday. It was really the best Black Friday I've ever had! And, not to brag but I'm a Black Friday professional.

For now, I'm going to go pray my teething baby will chill out for our 7 hour drive home tonight.

And just a reminder for myself that this is one cute kiddo who does other things than cut teeth:

Happy Holidays!! {yay, I can finally say that for real!}

Thankful Things


That's really the best way to describe this week so far. Heck, that's the best way to describe this year so far. I'm not saying there haven't been bumps, but we've certainly seen a lot of sunshine. 

I'm so thankful for so many things this year. 

But mainly I'm thankful for this:

My sweet little family. 

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're celebrating with loved ones. 

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Card Edition

I am literally behind my computer screen smiling from ear to ear.

Yesterday, we had some family photos planned thanks to my MIL. She offered to have an amazing photographer do photos and we all know no one in their right mind would say no!

So even though it was pouring rain all day, we headed to Kim {the photographer's} studio. I was nervous about this, mainly because I wanted some classic outside photos.

As you can see below, I shouldn't have worried about anything!

photography by Kim Brantley Photography
Melt my heart.

Oh and this little cutie was cutting his third tooth during the session. He was such a trooper!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Mission Impossible

While we're enjoying our time here in Nashville for Thanksgiving, I'm wracking my brain to finalize plans for Christmas. As I plan out our Holiday season this year I feel as if my head could explode. It was difficult before we had J and now? Well, if you've read the title to this post then you get it.

Let me give you the run down on our families:

My parents: divorced. Mom lives in our current city. Dad lives in North Carolina {but will be in our city for Christmas}.

B's parents: divorced. Mom {and step-dad} live on one side of Nashville. Dad {and step-mom} live on the other side of Nashville. They're about an hour away from each other.

My parents: Amicable divorce, or you know, as amicable as a divorce can be.

B's parents: Not so amicable.

Where does this leave us? Well, it leaves us needing to facilitate 4 Christmases.

Four Christmases. Isn't that a movie? I feel like it was.

Anywho, has anyone ever made four Christmases happen and still manage to keep everyone happy, including yourself?!

My top priority, however, is that Baby J, Hubby B and I spend Christmas morning together {just the three of us} at our home. It will be our first Christmas with a baby and as homeowners. Gah, we've come so far from our first Christmas in B's one-bedroom apartment next to campus.

With that being said, I've already had to crush some {other people's} holiday dreams. My MIL wanted to be in town for Christmas. I managed to work up the courage tell her she could come but had to stay at a hotel so that we could have our time as a family. Yes, I really did that. Do you think I'm evil now? Well get over it! It wouldn't be fair to let one set of grandparents be here and not the others.

The plans for now:
Christmas Eve: church with my mom then the annual Christmas Eve extravaganza with my Dad's family.
Christmas morning: Just me, B and J. I CANNOT wait!!
Christmas late morning/early afternoon: We'll head to my Grandmother's house for presents and lunch
Christmas late afternoon/night: My dad will come to our house to do presents with us.

I know you're wondering where the in-laws come into play, right? Don't worry I didn't banish them or anything. I would never dream of doing that! ::insert evil laugh::

Dec. 29-Jan 2: My MIL, step-FIL and SIL will be in town for Christmas celebrations.

My FIL and step-MIL are left out of this list because I just don't think we'll be able to see them. Honestly, I'm not sure what their plans are for now. Hopefully we'll be able to see them sometime during the season!

So, this is the plan, for now. It would be so much easier if everyone just lived in the same city and actually liked each other. Such is life my friends, such is life. But no matter what happens this Christmas season, I cannot wait for the moment my son wakes up for his very first Christmas morning.

Fun with our Phones {week 16}

Hello lovely readers! I apologize this post is coming to you a little late this morning. My only excuse is that I'm running on vacation time.

Now, grab the button, post your photos and link-up with me and Savannah!

Ever wonder what mornings are like around here?

That would be my bedroom toy stash. It includes: a carseat hanging toy, aveeno baby lotion bottle and his baby monitor. Yeah, we go all out around here.

As you can see below, some days are more low key. I like these days better.

 Saturday night, we left for this place:

Yep, we're at Grandma's. Before we reached our final destination though. We stopped off in our college town. I had plenty of time to check out the entire city {expect a story later this week}.

Our first house {that we rented} hasn't changed much, but our school?

Yeah, that building used to just be a field.

That's all I've got for today, folks. I'm off to play with my baby, have sushi for lunch and do some shopping!

Happy Monday!

Prayers Please

I have SO many things left to do today before leaving for Nashville this afternoon! However, something important enough to stop the packing process has happened!

My sweet friend Holly's water broke at 3 am this morning. Which means, her daughter McKenna will be joining us any time now!

If you'd please say a prayer for her today I'd appreciate it so much!

Thanks, y'all!

p.s. seconds after getting her text I started to cry because I remember how amazing that day was for me. Gah, are all moms this sappy?!?

A Much Needed Vacation

We decided some time ago that Thanksgiving would be spent in Nashville with my in-laws, but I was honestly dreading the trip.

With only two days off from work and the Husband needing to return by Saturday for his job I knew it was going to be another whirlwind of a trip. After some begging, pleading and, well, some type of miracle Hubby B and I both managed to get the entire week off of work!!

Holy freakin' cow! In the six years we've been together we haven't had an entire week both off work besides our honeymoon. So, I'd say it's about time, wouldn't you?

Tomorrow we'll pack up almost every baby related item in the house, pray for sanity and begin the 7 hour road trip to Nashville.

I'm dreading the drive but esctatic about the week we have ahead.

I see homemade food, sleeping in, a Christmas card photo session, a trip to Opryland, Black Friday shopping and relaxing times with old friends and family in our future. Plus, B's mom is always a hoot. That woman says the funniest things you've ever heard. I kid you not, I have no idea where she gets half this stuff.

But I digress...

More than anything, B and I have so much to be thankful for this year. We are lucky to be in a place where we can each afford to take the week off to spend this time with family. I'm beyond thankful that our loved ones so far away will get some quality time with us and J!

But for now I must bid you adieu.

I've got plans to make and a Life Planner that needs to be shown some love!

Happy Friday lovelies!
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Tiny Prints Giveaway WINNER

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Movin' Milestones

Remember the latest milestone I teased you with on Monday?

Well here it is:

As of November 12, J is a m-m-moover! {and yes, Baxter had to make a cameo in every video that day!}

After much effort on his part my baby bear is now CRAWLER!!

In the video above, he still hadn't realized both legs are used for crawling. Silly, silly boy. By 5 p.m. it had taken a few more rattles and a little bribery to get both legs in on the action!

As of today? I just can't get over how quickly he moves. I turn around for one second and he's on the other side of the room. The other side. It's insane! And next week, this crawling baby will turn 8 months old.

Does that mean I can start planning his birthday party? I think it does...

**side note: do you like the makeover this sweet blog of mine got? I'm beyond excited about the way she turned out :)**

The One With A Blog Makeover

As you can see, I got this beautiful little blog of mine a facelift.

There are still a few tweaks to be made and updates in the works, but for the most part this is it in all her houndstooth glory.

Do you like it?

Oh come on, get out of Google Reader and look at this swanky design!

I have the marvelous Becca {from Jumping Jax Designs} to thank for all of this. She did a wonderful job with the indecisive vision I had. We have sent 54, yes 54, emails to each other. And? The count is still going.

 If you take a look at the pages above, you'll see a few changes. The "Meet Me" page has had a bit of an update. If you're new around here head that way to learn a little more about me. For those of you who can't get enough of Baby J, see how he's grown under the "Inch by Inch" page. He'll be 8 months old next week - oh-mah-gah!

But the page I'm most excited about is the new one entitled DIY. Yes, lovely readers, I am going to be sharing more recipes, crafts and around-the-house DIY stories!! In order to hold myself accountable, I've made it a page. Get excited about many things to come for this page {including the beginnings of our house tour}!

SO, before I leave you, just one last thanks to you loyal readers and the brilliant Becca!

Please, take a look around.

Oh and I have not forgotten about the Tiny Prints Giveaway. A winner will be announced before the end of the week! 

Fun With Our Phones {week 15}

We've officially reached the week before Thanksgiving. This means serious business, y'all. 

The Holidays are here!

Hands down, the next month and a half are by far the greatest of the year. I love my birthday but if I had to choose between the Holidays and my birthday...well. There's not even any competition.

Thanksgiving menus are finalized and Christmas decorations are being plotted. You can smell a change in the air and day-to-day business is being to buzz. 

This season never leaves you bored! Which is how I know you've got some phone photos to share! Grab the button, post your photos and link-up with me and Savannah.

It was a momentous weekend around here. 

Remember how I shared some big milestones with you last week? 

Well, take a seat because I've got more to share.

But I'm not telling you, yet {unless you follow me on Twitter, then you already know!}. Trust me, I'd dying to share, but Blogger and Youtube are revolting against my attempts to share the video.

For now here's a glimpse at the good life this kiddo leads:

That last photo captures the expression of a child who refused to nap and is therefore in a delirious playful daze.

Alright, it's your turn. What happened in your lives lately?!

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Remember, Remember the Fourth of November

My friends, on that day, my baby did this:

And then he fell down.

Even after he fell, this little dude had a celebration while mommy and daddy lowered the crib.

Apparently J decided this would be a day full of milestones because he didn't stop there. My baby boy cut his first tooth on Nov. 4. And last night, I found his second was cutting through as well.

The crazy part of all of this? I was completely overcome with sorrow when I saw J standing in the crib. I mean he was standing, like it was nothing! My baby!

Later, when I told Hubby B how sad I felt he responded with a dumbfounded look and asked why all moms want their babies to stay babies.


Why, you ask? Because he is our first and possibly only baby ever. I'll only get to see our son do these things once. Because I can't rewind when I miss the way he fit into just one arm, or the way he "talked" when he was only 4 months old, the wrinkles in his skin before the fat rolls came in. Because one day he'll grow up and not think mommy is the greatest person in the world. I'll just be that crazy lady nagging him to do his homework. Because I want to savor every second of this little guy's life.

Because every day is a precious gift, especially days like this when your baby reaches such a big milestone.

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Ten Before Turkey

A couple of weeks ago I made an unfortunate impromptu trip to the OB. As much as I hate going there, what I was dreading more than anything was stepping onto that scale. You see, my postpartum weight has barely dropped since my 6 week check-up. {meh}

My attempt at Weight Watchers postpartum was one thing and one thing only, a fail.

What happened, you ask. Well, life happened. Postpartum depression, this insane severe outbreak of psoriasis, being a working mom, that's what happened. You know what didn't happen? Losing my postpartum weight.

After looking into the mirror while holding J the other night I realized how unhappy I am with my body and that things have to change. So, a new diet has begun. It's a smorgasbord of diets if you will. I'm moderately counting my points, but I've also joined My Fitness Pal and am sticking to a 1200 calorie diet.

My short-term goal? Lose 10 pounds before Thanksgiving.

So, I started last week and managed to lose 2.6 pounds {a pretty good start if you ask me}.

My long-term goal? To be happy with my weight by J's 1st birthday. No number goal. Not yet.

I've learned that in order for me to lose weight I can't make it a stressful thing, it just has to be. So, yes, I may have eaten some chicken fingers last night. But overall, I'm still making smarter choices.

For me, trying to lose weight is best done one short-term goal at a time.


16 days until Thanksgiving.
7.4 pounds to go.
Either way, I'll be proud of however much I lose before Turkey Day.

Spare a vote for a momma trying to shed those postpartum pounds? Just click below and it counts as a vote! Please and THANK YOU!

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Fun with our Phones {week 14}

Gooood morning!

Before we start talking phone photos I just wanted to remind you about my Scentsy giveaway! Head over to enter to win some fabulous items!

I've got to confess, I only took one phone photo this week. 

But hey, at least it's a pretty cute one, right? Please tell me you've got more photos than me! Grab the button and link your photos with me and Savannah below.

Happy Monday lovelies, here's to hoping Friday gets here quickly!

A Special Thank You

On Monday, I asked you all to take a look at the column to your right...

Go on, you can do it.

Do you see what I see?

Yep, this sweet blog of mine has reached 200 followers!

I'm so flattered that you've all decided to join me on this roller-coaster ride we refer to as motherhood. In all honesty, I wouldn't be making it without your support.

I appreciate every email, comment and tweet more than I can ever express. If you've been lurking around my blog, don't be shy, leave a comment below. I'd love to know more of you!

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