Diamonds in the Trash

Several Valentine's days ago, Hubby B bought me a diamond necklace that matched my engagement ring. And y'all, Cupid struck me with an arrow the day I saw that necklace in the shop window, and I was completely caught off guard when he gave it to me.

I wore that necklace every day up until last Friday when J popped the chain with his chubby baby hands. No fear, I caught it and into a zip-lock baggy it went.

That brings us to last night. The realization that I hadn't seen said baggy in several days.

After tearing our house apart, we've come to the conclusion that Hubby B accidently picked up that baggy and put it in the trash.

Trash day? Yeah, it was on Monday.

My diamond necklace? Presumed to be gone forever.

RIP diamond necklace. You will be missed.

In brighter news, Mama Fee is hosting a lovely giveaway that I'm dying to win. You should not head over to her blog and check it out! The fabulous Prints and Paperie is offering one of her readers a pretty sweet gift! That's right, I'm not telling you what it is because I want to win. If you want to know badly enough you'll see for yourself!

And yes, I promised you a week full of festive fall posts but the loss of my necklace has thrown off my game. Come back tomorrow for TWO fall posts and possibly a giveaway announcement!!