Fun with our Phones {week 16}

Hello lovely readers! I apologize this post is coming to you a little late this morning. My only excuse is that I'm running on vacation time.

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Ever wonder what mornings are like around here?

That would be my bedroom toy stash. It includes: a carseat hanging toy, aveeno baby lotion bottle and his baby monitor. Yeah, we go all out around here.

As you can see below, some days are more low key. I like these days better.

 Saturday night, we left for this place:

Yep, we're at Grandma's. Before we reached our final destination though. We stopped off in our college town. I had plenty of time to check out the entire city {expect a story later this week}.

Our first house {that we rented} hasn't changed much, but our school?

Yeah, that building used to just be a field.

That's all I've got for today, folks. I'm off to play with my baby, have sushi for lunch and do some shopping!

Happy Monday!