Fun With Our Phones {week 15}

We've officially reached the week before Thanksgiving. This means serious business, y'all. 

The Holidays are here!

Hands down, the next month and a half are by far the greatest of the year. I love my birthday but if I had to choose between the Holidays and my birthday...well. There's not even any competition.

Thanksgiving menus are finalized and Christmas decorations are being plotted. You can smell a change in the air and day-to-day business is being to buzz. 

This season never leaves you bored! Which is how I know you've got some phone photos to share! Grab the button, post your photos and link-up with me and Savannah.

It was a momentous weekend around here. 

Remember how I shared some big milestones with you last week? 

Well, take a seat because I've got more to share.

But I'm not telling you, yet {unless you follow me on Twitter, then you already know!}. Trust me, I'd dying to share, but Blogger and Youtube are revolting against my attempts to share the video.

For now here's a glimpse at the good life this kiddo leads:

That last photo captures the expression of a child who refused to nap and is therefore in a delirious playful daze.

Alright, it's your turn. What happened in your lives lately?!


  1. Awww that devil known as blogger...we will wait for those photos! And geez I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving? Seriously where did this year go?

  2. Stupid blogger!!!! I guess I'll just have to come back! :)

  3. No photos? No way! We'll see them soon. I am so excited about this holiday season and can't wait for the lights, the sounds, and the all around good cheer everywhere!

  4. Argh I've been away from Twitter lately so I'm missing out! Can't wait to hear the big news!

  5. Can't wait to hear your big news!
    Ha Ha- My son gets that same look, you know the one in the last pic.

  6. I think I know about your milestone already, and it's way exciting to see them achieve new ones :-)
    And I love the holiday season! I start mine in September when the weather changes :-)

  7. aww baby j is so cute!! i thought baxter was bogey in the last picture until i realized how impossible that was. sadz.

  8. I miss my babies being so little :(( Your little one is just too cute!!

    Thanks for hosting!


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