Fun With Our Phones {week 15}

We've officially reached the week before Thanksgiving. This means serious business, y'all. 

The Holidays are here!

Hands down, the next month and a half are by far the greatest of the year. I love my birthday but if I had to choose between the Holidays and my birthday...well. There's not even any competition.

Thanksgiving menus are finalized and Christmas decorations are being plotted. You can smell a change in the air and day-to-day business is being to buzz. 

This season never leaves you bored! Which is how I know you've got some phone photos to share! Grab the button, post your photos and link-up with me and Savannah.

It was a momentous weekend around here. 

Remember how I shared some big milestones with you last week? 

Well, take a seat because I've got more to share.

But I'm not telling you, yet {unless you follow me on Twitter, then you already know!}. Trust me, I'd dying to share, but Blogger and Youtube are revolting against my attempts to share the video.

For now here's a glimpse at the good life this kiddo leads:

That last photo captures the expression of a child who refused to nap and is therefore in a delirious playful daze.

Alright, it's your turn. What happened in your lives lately?!