Halloween, the first of many

You've got to love the first year of motherhood simply because every event is now a "first." Yes, this was actually my 24th Halloween, but now that J is around my counting starts all over.

So, here's a glimpse at our first Halloween.

Can you guess what he was?

Come on, y'all. He was the cutest Geek Squad agent ever. I mean seriously melt my heart.

I purchased this onesie well before J was even around and knew it'd make the perfect first Halloween costume. Simple and budget friendly. Plus, let's get real, he had no preference of costume and absolutely hates things being on his head which rules out {almost} every idea ever.

Since I knew the actual day of Halloween would probably just be J coming home from daycare and going to sleep I knew I needed to take advantage of a weekend photo-op. And? I was right, these photos turned out fabulous {IMO} and I got to enjoy my little man in his costume.

When Monday rolled around and we arrived home from daycare J was exhausted and went right to bed. So, Halloween night it was just me, B and the pups. Surprisingly we only had about half the amount of trick-or-treaters I expected in our new neighborhood. Good thing I didn't waste too much of my paycheck on candy, right?

Despite the lack of trick-or-treaters, I can say with certainty this was the perfect first Halloween.