Mission Impossible

While we're enjoying our time here in Nashville for Thanksgiving, I'm wracking my brain to finalize plans for Christmas. As I plan out our Holiday season this year I feel as if my head could explode. It was difficult before we had J and now? Well, if you've read the title to this post then you get it.

Let me give you the run down on our families:

My parents: divorced. Mom lives in our current city. Dad lives in North Carolina {but will be in our city for Christmas}.

B's parents: divorced. Mom {and step-dad} live on one side of Nashville. Dad {and step-mom} live on the other side of Nashville. They're about an hour away from each other.

My parents: Amicable divorce, or you know, as amicable as a divorce can be.

B's parents: Not so amicable.

Where does this leave us? Well, it leaves us needing to facilitate 4 Christmases.

Four Christmases. Isn't that a movie? I feel like it was.

Anywho, has anyone ever made four Christmases happen and still manage to keep everyone happy, including yourself?!

My top priority, however, is that Baby J, Hubby B and I spend Christmas morning together {just the three of us} at our home. It will be our first Christmas with a baby and as homeowners. Gah, we've come so far from our first Christmas in B's one-bedroom apartment next to campus.

With that being said, I've already had to crush some {other people's} holiday dreams. My MIL wanted to be in town for Christmas. I managed to work up the courage tell her she could come but had to stay at a hotel so that we could have our time as a family. Yes, I really did that. Do you think I'm evil now? Well get over it! It wouldn't be fair to let one set of grandparents be here and not the others.

The plans for now:
Christmas Eve: church with my mom then the annual Christmas Eve extravaganza with my Dad's family.
Christmas morning: Just me, B and J. I CANNOT wait!!
Christmas late morning/early afternoon: We'll head to my Grandmother's house for presents and lunch
Christmas late afternoon/night: My dad will come to our house to do presents with us.

I know you're wondering where the in-laws come into play, right? Don't worry I didn't banish them or anything. I would never dream of doing that! ::insert evil laugh::

Dec. 29-Jan 2: My MIL, step-FIL and SIL will be in town for Christmas celebrations.

My FIL and step-MIL are left out of this list because I just don't think we'll be able to see them. Honestly, I'm not sure what their plans are for now. Hopefully we'll be able to see them sometime during the season!

So, this is the plan, for now. It would be so much easier if everyone just lived in the same city and actually liked each other. Such is life my friends, such is life. But no matter what happens this Christmas season, I cannot wait for the moment my son wakes up for his very first Christmas morning.


  1. Good for you!!! I think that is an EXCELLENT plan for Christmas morning. We usually go to my in-laws house and we made that same decision about Christmas morning. We want to have time to open presents and do Santa stuff and I'll make a Pinterest breakfast. You might feel a little guilty about crushing a heart, but your main priority is B and Baby J...I think once Christmas morning arrives you won't even be thinking about what anyone else wants you to do! Have fun! We're pretty excited about Christmas morning too. :)

  2. hahaha you biotch. so glad you managed to keep christmas morning to yourself. that includes me right? me, you, b and baby j? and millie and baxter? and bogey? can't wait!

  3. I think it's perfectly fine that you set the boundaries for your MIL! I do! Schedueling for the holidays can really steal the fun of it all if you let it - looks like you've got a good plan!

  4. Yes it seems like Christmas is mission impossible. We don't have divorces to contend with but we do have a batty grandmother in a nursing home 2 hours away that we have to go visit. I put my foot down and said once we have kids we are not going anywhere on Christmas day, but I can't fathom leaving Chris' memaw all alone on Christmas day so we are going. We've had to plan too -- I am thinking I am going to say JUST the family on Christmas morning too. I want that experience. Here is hoping you get it worked out and it is perfect!

  5. I agree... mission impossible. I was soo wanting to have our very first Christmas in our new house. But nooo, MIL gave B a pretty good guilt trip and so we're heading the 14 hr drive home to see all our families and juggle them for a crazy, barely fun couple of days. Good for you!! I am inspired by your will to do things your way, for your family!!

  6. Wow. Talk about Wonder Woman. Hope everything goes as planned!
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  7. wow... that is crazy! it seems like Christmases are always a bunch of running around and trying to accommodate everyone! and yes 4 Christmases is a movie (Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon)

  8. You are doing more than you should! Sometimes you should just put your foot down. I'm glad you'll be home on Christmas morning though!


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