Movin' Milestones

Remember the latest milestone I teased you with on Monday?

Well here it is:

As of November 12, J is a m-m-moover! {and yes, Baxter had to make a cameo in every video that day!}

After much effort on his part my baby bear is now CRAWLER!!

In the video above, he still hadn't realized both legs are used for crawling. Silly, silly boy. By 5 p.m. it had taken a few more rattles and a little bribery to get both legs in on the action!

As of today? I just can't get over how quickly he moves. I turn around for one second and he's on the other side of the room. The other side. It's insane! And next week, this crawling baby will turn 8 months old.

Does that mean I can start planning his birthday party? I think it does...

**side note: do you like the makeover this sweet blog of mine got? I'm beyond excited about the way she turned out :)**