Movin' Milestones

Remember the latest milestone I teased you with on Monday?

Well here it is:

As of November 12, J is a m-m-moover! {and yes, Baxter had to make a cameo in every video that day!}

After much effort on his part my baby bear is now CRAWLER!!

In the video above, he still hadn't realized both legs are used for crawling. Silly, silly boy. By 5 p.m. it had taken a few more rattles and a little bribery to get both legs in on the action!

As of today? I just can't get over how quickly he moves. I turn around for one second and he's on the other side of the room. The other side. It's insane! And next week, this crawling baby will turn 8 months old.

Does that mean I can start planning his birthday party? I think it does...

**side note: do you like the makeover this sweet blog of mine got? I'm beyond excited about the way she turned out :)**


  1. Yay! That's so exciting - and terrifying at the same time! Christmas is going to be so fun with him moving around and getting into things!

    On a side note - I love your rug!

  2. Weee that is so exciting!

    Also, the new look is FABULOUS!!!

  3. They are growing too fast. 8 months old and already crawling. It doesn't seem like 8 months since I was begging Evie to EXIT my uterus. And PS I'm already planning E's first birthday!!!

  4. Yay! This milestone is a big one! And he's such a cutie!
    Giada just took two steps the other day for the first time on her own. They grow up way too fast!
    And your makeover is way cute :-)

  5. Oh you are in for it now girl! Yay J! He will be into everything trust me!

  6. Congrats to you little man! Enjoy it because before you know it he will be pulling up to everything & then walking. My Axle didn't crawl long at all.

    Start planning- 1st birthday partys are so much fun :)

  7. How cute! Yay for your little crawler!!! Love the makeover and your rug!


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