A Much Needed Vacation

We decided some time ago that Thanksgiving would be spent in Nashville with my in-laws, but I was honestly dreading the trip.

With only two days off from work and the Husband needing to return by Saturday for his job I knew it was going to be another whirlwind of a trip. After some begging, pleading and, well, some type of miracle Hubby B and I both managed to get the entire week off of work!!

Holy freakin' cow! In the six years we've been together we haven't had an entire week both off work besides our honeymoon. So, I'd say it's about time, wouldn't you?

Tomorrow we'll pack up almost every baby related item in the house, pray for sanity and begin the 7 hour road trip to Nashville.

I'm dreading the drive but esctatic about the week we have ahead.

I see homemade food, sleeping in, a Christmas card photo session, a trip to Opryland, Black Friday shopping and relaxing times with old friends and family in our future. Plus, B's mom is always a hoot. That woman says the funniest things you've ever heard. I kid you not, I have no idea where she gets half this stuff.

But I digress...

More than anything, B and I have so much to be thankful for this year. We are lucky to be in a place where we can each afford to take the week off to spend this time with family. I'm beyond thankful that our loved ones so far away will get some quality time with us and J!

But for now I must bid you adieu.

I've got plans to make and a Life Planner that needs to be shown some love!

Happy Friday lovelies!
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