Remember, Remember the Fourth of November

My friends, on that day, my baby did this:

And then he fell down.

Even after he fell, this little dude had a celebration while mommy and daddy lowered the crib.

Apparently J decided this would be a day full of milestones because he didn't stop there. My baby boy cut his first tooth on Nov. 4. And last night, I found his second was cutting through as well.

The crazy part of all of this? I was completely overcome with sorrow when I saw J standing in the crib. I mean he was standing, like it was nothing! My baby!

Later, when I told Hubby B how sad I felt he responded with a dumbfounded look and asked why all moms want their babies to stay babies.


Why, you ask? Because he is our first and possibly only baby ever. I'll only get to see our son do these things once. Because I can't rewind when I miss the way he fit into just one arm, or the way he "talked" when he was only 4 months old, the wrinkles in his skin before the fat rolls came in. Because one day he'll grow up and not think mommy is the greatest person in the world. I'll just be that crazy lady nagging him to do his homework. Because I want to savor every second of this little guy's life.

Because every day is a precious gift, especially days like this when your baby reaches such a big milestone.

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  1. I know just how you feel! Everyone else is so excited that E is crawling and has teeth. I try to hold her still and actually cry if I think too long about the loss of her gummy smile.

  2. aww that is so true! i am enjoying my son at 19 months old because he experiences stuff with such energy but i miss when he would sleep in my arms and rock him to bed and his teeny tiny feet!

  3. That is so true! I always laughed at the moms that said they cried when they had to get rid of the baby clothes...Now I cry when Izzy changes to "toddler" sizes. I also cried myself to sleep the first day she learned to walk. I guess this never ends!

  4. How exciting! I am in the same boat. I get so excited about things that Natalie will do...and then a little sad because I'm thinking she might be our only one as well. And then my final feeling is fear - they get so mobile so fast. Eek! I love the look on his face - you can tell how proud he is of himself!!! I hope the teething goes relatively smoothly. :)

  5. It is very bittersweet! You will not forget the 4th of November LOL. These kids grow so fast!

  6. So bittersweet. Zane started crawling today and I teared up.


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