Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{semi} Wordless Wednesday

While I flipped through some older photos I stumbled on this precious memory I've yet to chronicle.

So here ya go...

It was my favorite day of the week, Saturday. J and I were unpacking the guest room and he was getting fuss,fuss, fussy! What's a mom to do? Grab Horton the Hoo, that's what a mom should do! {yeah, I said it}

Yep, that was a great choice of entertainment for the dude.

His amazement at that pink puff and Horton's sweet holler of "Heeeeellloooooo!" left me melted into a puddle. I love watching the innocence of life through his eyes. It's magical.

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  1. And those innocent eyes are oh so precious!

  2. He is gorgeous! Beautiful little baby! Isn't it amazing watching everything through their eyes? I love it!

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