All Types of Turkey Tales

As you all know, we packed our entire life into our car and headed to Nashville for Thanksgiving last week. Having the entire week off with my dear husband and our little dude was the greatest thing I've experienced in a while, almost too great.

Don't get me wrong, it was hectic. Traveling between divorced in-laws who live on either side of Nashville {about an hour away from each other} was no easy feat. In fact, it was the worst part of the trip. But if that's the only thing I can complain about then I'd say we did pretty good.

Now? I've got a few Thanksgiving stories that must be shared!

Before leaving for our trip I was counting calories in an attempt to lose ten pounds before Turkey day. Well, I'm here to report it didn't happen. I lost 6 pounds. And? I'm still pretty damn proud of those six. However, after the insane amounts of butter-filled homemade food I ate last week I'm refusing to step back onto the scale - yet.

We'll save more details on my weight loss journey for another post this week. Let's talk about something more exciting shall we?

Packing. Yep, packing. I spent the entire day before we hit the road getting every bit and piece of our life packed into bags. And yes, I literally mean bags. For the first time ever I was ready to go when the hubby returned from work.

But he took one look at my packing job, one look at me and then walked away. Moments later he returned with our set of luggage. Meh, I have some weird unexplainable disdain for luggage. Apparently, my husband does not.

He took everything out of my bags and repacked it. Every. Single. Thing. Okay, okay, I lied. I talked him into leaving two of my bags alone. {victory!} His logic was that with all the back and forth we'd planned to do, the less amount of bags, the better.
I hate to say it, but he was right. At least his repacking extravaganza got me a free ticket from having to pack or move anything for the rest of the week! {even bigger victory!}

Now let's get real. You're not all here just to read about my madness. You want to see J in a festive Thanksgiving ensemble, yes?

Well, I don't have any. ::insert saddest face ever::

The only photos I got that day are blurry or overexposed in a bad way. Did I mention I had to leave my good camera at home because I've been using my moms? No worries, our camera returns from being repaired today!!

Would you think I was crazy if I put J back in his special Thanksgiving outfit for a photo session? No? Good, I didn't think so...

To sum it up, vacation was marvelous, Turkey day was a success and now if I could just get my house organized I could decorate for Christmas!

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