Christmas List 2011

Today {and every Tuesday this month} I'll be linking up with Becky and Aly to share some seasonal cheer!

As my brother said yesterday, my Christmas list this year is pretty weak.

Really and truly there are so many things I've already recieved this year I'm having a tough time with ideas. But let's get real, every girl always has a few things up her sleeve.

Other than my time-consuming hobby of blogging there is one other fabulous hobby taking over my days.

Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a hint...

Nope, it's not Baby J. Let's face it, he's not a hobby, he's a full-time job. And he'll be getting planting of presents.

This year lovelies, my Christmas list is all about photography.

This is at the top of my list:

Sony 50 mm f/1.8 lens
Ahhhhh!! I basically hear angels sing when I think about getting this lens! In fact, my amazing FIL has already purchased it and is sending it early so I can use it for Christmas. Win!

What's a girl to do with a brand new lens?

Why take a photography class, duh.

So, I tracked down an amazing photographer in my town who's holding a one-day seminar in January. YAY!

And last but not least {Hubby I hope you're seeing this}

I want a new camera. And yes, I want a Sony, not a Canon or Nikon. I know, you're thinking, "WTH? Every photographer shoots with Canon or Nikon." Well not me. We may or may not get a serious hook-up with Sony through B's job. So, every electronic in our house is Sony. And you know what? I freakin' love them. Currently, I shoot with one of their alphas, but I'm wanting an upgrade. I highly recommend their brand of camera, television, whatever it is, Sony is pretty sweet, but I digress.

You see, Christmas has a general theme for me this year.

And then there's always this:

Oh yes, that's an iMac

So there it is. What are you asking for this year? I'm always open for gift ideas!

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