I Need Some Prayers

If you've been around my blog or Twitter for any period of time then you've seen me ask for prayers pretty consistently.

A couple of years ago I realized that the power of prayer is miraculous. And since then not a day has gone by that I don't say at least a few prayers and have a couple convos with the Big Guy.

Today, I do not need prayers for me.

My husband just called and informed me of a 47 car pile-up this morning in his hometown. There were ultimately dozens of cars involved 13 or more injured and 1 fatality.

That fatality was a childhood friend and college roommate of my husband. From what he's told me over the years about this man {sorry no names} is that he was great. The kind of person with an unchanging posistive attitude and a great passion for life.

This man was also the brand new husband to a beautiful young woman. And by brand new I mean within the last couple of months. I cannot imagine what losing B a month into our marriage would be like. It would be heart-wrenching to say the least. My husband is on the road every day for his job which makes this hit far too close to home.

So, today, right now, I'm asking you pray for his new wife and his family. Then go to your family and give them a huge hug, tell them you love them and realize how blessed we are for each day God gives us.