Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's Play Christmas Catch-Up

Did you notice my disappearing act the past few days? No? Hmm, all I know is that I my Google Reader is insane and I haven't seen Twitter or Facebook in almost 72 hours. If I had my guesses most of you have probably been in the midst of a similar disappearing trick.

But, I've missed you.

So let's just do a quick recap of our first Christmas highlights.

For starters Christmas Eve was pretty craptastic. If you live with me on Twitter, you know I had a stomach virus, a nasty cough and a party to host on Thursday night...along with preparing for our first Christmas. This all lead to a sick mommy and tired baby on Christmas Eve.

I will give Friday afternoon a little credit though. My family {parents and brothers} got together to do our presents. It was nice having all of us together, it'd been a long time. Plus my brothers gifts for me, B and J were so sweet. However, the annual party at my aunt's house that night was mainly spent with a screaming baby and us trying to get our the door as quickly as humanly possible.

When we made it home, neither the hubs or I were in the best of spirits. But I knew it was time to put on my Santa pants and get things done.

The good news? We must've done something right because Christmas day was pretty spectacular.

Christmas morning J treated us to some extra sleep. Watch out people, we slept until 7:30.

Then it was present time! I couldn't wait to see how this would go. He was intrigued by the presents, but got overwhelmed quickly. Which is ok, he has plenty of time to warm up to them. What's crazy is that I held back big time on our Santa stash. I was even worried we didn't get him enough. And now, I'm glad there wasn't more! HA!

Besides refusing to nap while at my Grandmother's house, Christmas went rather well. Most likely there will be an emotional post about how quickly it went and how my baby is getting too big. But there's no time for that nonsense now.

On Thursday, we start Christmas all over again. My MIL, step- FIL and SIL will be in town. Currently, I'm very excited. I can't wait to see what the got for J, it's always so nice to see my SIL, and my MIL has never seen our house!

That's all I've got for now.  Here's just one photo of my sweet man from Christmas Eve. Love him.

Hope each one of you had a beautiful Holiday with family and friends.

Expect major photo dumps this week once I can get all of my memory cards together. {yes for real, that would be multiple memory cards}


  1. sorry to hear you were sick at the beginning, but sounds like Christmas day was awesome! and look at that sweet pictures! cant wait to see more!

  2. Glad it turned into a great Christmas!!! Little J is super cute!

  3. Oh NO! I got the stomach virus thing too! I'm glad yours cleared up for Christmas day and you guys had a good day!

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