The Makings of Christmas Memories

For me, traditions are the most important thing a family has. So, I've been pinning planning so many little things for us to do as a family. But what I'm most excited about is incorporating my family traditions into our family.

Let me begin by saying this: my husband works in retail. Yes. He. Does. And? It's awful. He began his current job 4 years ago. And four years ago I lost him to a store, we'll just refer to as BB. Don't get me wrong this company has been a blessing to our family, but on November 1 I say goodbye to the hubs. I know we won't really see him until the end of January {if we're lucky}. That's just how the retail gig goes. And I've come to terms with it.

This also means that there is no Holiday traveling for this family. Wherever we live is where Christmas is held. In years past, that meant Christmas was in Nashville with B's family. To be honest, every Christmas Eve I'd have a good cry. It never got easier being away from my family on this special holiday. Because my family? We have our set traditions and we love them. And no one has ever been absent for the festivities, ever, except me.

That all changed when we moved back to my hometown last year. Now, we get to partake in the family traditions I hold so close to my heart. Here's a quick rundown:

Christmas Eve: Church followed by shenanigans with my Dad's family. This party is always held at my Aunt's house and the liquor is always flowing. Always.

{warning our Christmas involves alcohol because it's just better that way}

Christmas Day: Brother #1 and myself would wait at the top of the stairs as Brother #2 waited behind the hallway door {his room was downstairs} then we'd rush for the Santa presents. Our piles of presents were placed in the same spot each year.

We'd then head over to my Grandmother's house{my mom's mom}. This is where the real traditions begin. We start with breakfast. Our special Christmas sausage, homemade cinnamon rolls and mimosas. Oh, the mimosas. They go so well with Christmas sausage. You should really try it.

After breakfast it's presents galore, where the youngest, now my 21-year-old brothers pass out presents to everyone. Next year this job can be passed on to J. Then the boys head to nap while the women clean and cook.

Around noon we feast. And, around here we know how to feast. Plus. the food is always insane. My Grandmother is one hell of a cook. Post-lunch calls for food comas more naps. Once we've all managed to regenerate our spirits, it's time for some board games or a movie if the year calls for it.

Eventually we all pack up our presents and head home. No worries though, by 6 p.m. we congregate back at my Grandmother's house for leftovers. You can't just leave her with all those leftovers, right?!

So, there you have it, traditions of Christmases past. 

This year things will be much different though.  Our house {from childhood} is gone, my parents have split {somewhat amicably} and we've welcomed J into our world.

If you join me next Tuesday I'll be sharing all the details of Christmas present and future.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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