Meeting with Mr. Claus

I've been debating for weeks which Santa I should take Baby J to meet. You see, growing up we went to this tiny strip mall and that Santa? He was the real one. You could ask anyone in town which Santa was best and he was always the one they mentioned.

Sadly, this mall has closed down and Santa didn't give me his forwarding mall address. Silly Santa.

So, I was left with three Santa options. Mall #1, Mall #2 and Mall #3. On Saturday, Brittan forewarned me about Mall Santa #2 and that he may be just a little creepy. Considering that's the super busy mall, it was immediately removed from the list.

When I realized we were going to have a fussy, I'm tired but don't want to nap, type of weekend, I figured Mall #3 was our winner. It is only a few minutes from our house and it was free. Free! In Nashville, they wanted upwards of $25 to get your photo with Santa. This mall was BYOC {bring your own camera}.

Santa arrived at 1 p.m. We arrived at 20 til and there was a tiny line. So we joined the group. The line wasn't awful and I knew we'd get through this quickly.

However, not quickly enough for the Hubs to point out that dragging him along was a form of pure hell and torture. You're welcome, husband!

The first girl in Santa's lap started bawling. You know, the ugly cry. Crap, that's not a good way to start. The girl in front of us who witnessed said ugly cry then looked at her mom and said, "I'm going to cry to just like her." I started to laugh and begin to get nervous that girl #1 had started an awful trend.

But alas, this is what happened when J met Santa...

No smile, no crying. Just his poker face. He makes this face often, normally when he's thinking "woman what have you gotten me into now?!"

Either way, he looks adorable, right? You'd never know he'd thrown up three times on that darling outfit before we finally made it to Santa's lap. THREE times.

Although the husband {semi-jokingly} thought it was torture to bring him along, I'm glad I did. This was the first day all season we've spent together {just the three of us}. It was a great day as a family and a memory I'll love forever.