The Morning Monster

I've always been the girl who wakes up ten minutes before the alarm goes off with an annoying grin on her face ready to greet the new day. I would jump out of bed and begin my morning routine as my hubby continued to smack the sleep button.

That was one thing I never understood about him.

Why the hell would you set your alarm for 6 a.m. just to hit the sleep button four times and wake up at 6:40 a.m. Why not set the alarm later? This debate has gone on between us for years.

Flash forward five years and you'll find a different picture entirely.

Now? I'm lucky to even hear the alarm. I'm either in a deep slumber due to middle of the night {er 5:30 a.m.} feedings or already running around the house wrangling in Baby J.

That smile I use to have has been replace with a more savage-like grimace. And some days I bet the neighbors can even hear my hollering whispers of sweet nothings as I ask my husband to help me.

Yep, the girl who used to adore morning is now a hater. Big time, hater.

Between J waking up for nighttime feedings {this week it's been 2 nighttime feedings due to his lack of routine while on vacation} and the normal exhaustion of working fulltime I can't manage to find a happy medium for the mornings.

And when J wakes up very early and in a foul mood {which is becoming an unwelcomed norm} I can hardly function to get all of us ready without blowing a gasket. Sadly, for my husband, the frustration is typically targeted at him. He tries to help and trust me he really does {most days}, but remember the beginning of this post? Yeah he has never been a morning person. Ever.

So for now, our household consists of two parents who would do anything for their kid to sleep past 5:30 a.m. and a baby who has decided that's his favorite playtime.

Oy ve.

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  1. I am sitting here reading your post with a smile on my face because I am the exact same way. I used to be such a happy little morning person. Now, I would give my right arm for 10 more minutes!!

  2. Hang in there, mama... I had a terrible sleeper (truly don't think he slept through the night until he was three!), but I blinked and now he is 17 and would rather sleep than do just about anything else. I know it feels like eternity when you are in the midst of the sleep deprivation, but I PROMISE you will laugh about it SOME day. ;)

  3. you should just start your mornings at 5:30 AM now... i mean it's already 7AM in St. John's so it's really not that early. That's good logic, right? 2 weeks and 1 day until I'm back!!!!!

  4. I don't get the snooze thing either. Why set it to have to turn it off? Just set it for when you need to get up, and get up!

    I'm sorry this week's morning have been rough. Tell J to give you a break! :)

  5. Oh man.... I am not looking forward to this part of parenthood. I am NOT a morning person. Never have been....

  6. LOL I love the fact you just called yourself a "morning hater." That is just hilarious. My husband does the same thing with the alarm. He says it feels good to push snooze and get back under the covers!

  7. We're the other way round. I've never, ever been a morning person... I'm a night owl. But my other half can just wake himself up, no alarm. This really baffles me! He doesn't seem to understand my *neeed* to snuggle back under the covers for a minute (okay, half an hour...).
    Hope baby J starts sleeping in a bit longer soon, that time of day shouldn't exist unless it's the back end of a wild night out with friends!

  8. I'm a snoozer for sure. Like an or hour or so of snoozing. Oops. Thankfully E sleeps in, but if he was waking up constantly at 5:30AM...I'd be super cranky. Sometimes I'm not even ready to be up at 8. I know...that's sad.

  9. Bless your heart! I don't know how you oo it. My little man is NOT a morning person so he never rolls over before 9:30. This works well for me, I'm not a morning person either. Hope you get some rest soon. No sleep equals a cranky momma!

  10. Oh my goodness! I know this sounds horrible, but it is so great to hear that someone else's baby does the same thing. Sydney is a little over 26 months old and she is up by 6am at the latest. Lately 5:00-5:30 is when she is choosing. We try putting her to bed later but she still wakes early. So it's better to have some alone time together before bed I guess. She rarely sleeps through the night. She had a growth spurt where she slept through the night and in until 8am. All that did is show me what she is capable of and spoil me for a couple of weeks. Good luck and I do hope it gets better. But your baby may be just like mine when it comes to sleep!

  11. OMG Evie did that too for a while. Call me a mean mommy but I knew she wasn't going through a growth spurt and was capable of going the 11.5 hours without food, she just wanted to play so I would go pop her NUK back in her mouth, turn on her mobile and music turn the baby monitor off and go back to sleep. It took about two weeks but she dropped that morning playtime thing which is a good thing, bc I am NOT a morning person!


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