Santa's Stash and Stockings

Over the next few days, I'll be giving you all of the details of Christmas 2011.

As I read all of your posts about packing up Christmas and planning for the new year, I'm sitting here preparing for Round 3 of Christmas. The in-laws will be here around midnight, so buckle up readers, Christmas is not over around here!

Now, let's talk Santa.

I was worried Santa didn't have enough gifts planned for J. But as it turns as, he had the perfect amount of gifts. Not sure why I ever doubted the big guy aka mom aka me.

This year Santa brought J: a walker, 2 v-tech learning toys, 3 Melissa & Doug puzzles, a mini tool set and a rocking car {which is faulty and has to be taken back}.

Interestingly enough, the current favorite are the puzzles. I just knew he'd love chewing on them, and I was right! One day we'll use them for learning, but for now the chewing will suffice.

The stocking was a little tougher though. I mean what do you get a 9-month old for his stocking?! Twitter {once again} came to my rescue with a plethora of ideas. So, thanks to you lovely Twitter frands and Wal-Mart, J's stocking turned out wonderfully!

Here's what J recieved in his stocking: some floaty bath toys, a bath book, a soft book, some bibs, a winter hat and gloves and can't leave out some puffs.

We stuck with basics. Things he'd actually use and need. Rather than wasting money on trivial things.

All I know is that this kid sat in awe of his gifts Christmas morning and it was blissful.

Happy Holidays lovely readers.