Traditions of Christmas Present

Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you, but the day got away from me! This season sure does keep you busy! In the next few days I feel like there are a million things on my "to-do" list.

Enough about that though, let's talk traditions with Becky and Aly, shall we?

Last week, I shared a little insight into what we know as Christmas traditions. But let's get real after getting married and having a baby, traditions are bound to evolve. In fact, I've been told Christmas is 100 times more fun with a munchkin {except for the fact that your tree must be half naked}. But everything else? More fun!

So our plans will be a little altered this year...

Christmas Eve: Early afternoon, we'll pack up and head to my Mom's house. Where we'll do Christmas with my brothers and parents. Normally this happened on Christmas morning, but not now that I have my own family.

Once presents have been opened and all the sharing has been done, we'll go over to my Aunt's house. You know, the Christmas party where the alcohol is always flowing. Remember me telling you about that?

It is shaping up to be a superb party this year. Want to know why? There will be boyfriends and girlfriends galore. Which leads to the inevitable, "When are you getting a ring?!" question. And I cannot wait to hear some answers! Plus, cute Baby J will have on an adorable new, festive outfit.

I'm sure we'll have to duck out early due to our little time bomb baby. But that's ok. When we get home that night, new traditions begin!

First up, Christmas jammies. I kind of love the idea of getting new Christmas pjs every year. I mean, can you imagine the cute photo timeline you could make one day?! Plus it's another present for the little ones to unwrap! Because they need another one ::insert sarcasm::

Since J isn't old enough yet, I'll be baking cookies for Santa without him. Hopefully, in years to come he'll help me. Then they'll be left next to the fireplace on our adorable new plate and mug set. However, I'm sure they'll only last there long enough to snap a few photos before someone {ahem, husband} insists we eat them.

Then, the fun part...our first year being Santa! I am so excited to  set up all of J's present. Once again, he will never remember this, but it's never too early to start a tradition. Me and the hubs will set up his Santa stash next to the tree.

Christmas morning, we'll wake up to see what Santa left and open presents as a family, just the three of us. This is what I'm looking forward to most about Christmas this year. Our first Christmas.

After all that madness, we'll pack up our things and head to my Grandmother's. From there on out, it's pretty much the norm. Presents, lunch and naps. Then repeat.

That's it folks, nothing extravagant. But certainly a day filled with family and friends.

p.s. sorry for the lack of photos, but I promise I've got a good one headed your way tomorrow!