True Life: I'm a Drama Queen

Always have been, always will be.

I feel like my husband gets fed up with my drama at times, but he knew what he was marrying! This drama doesn't even typically involve others. Nope. Really and truly it's the drama in my head that often I create for myself.

Take this morning for example. Remember that morning monster that lives at our house? Well, she roared her ugly head this morning. But I wasn't the only monster at our house this morning. My usually sweet baby decided to have a morning where he HAD to be held. If me or the hubs took a hand off of him screaming and alligator tears ensued.

That type of morning leads to absolutely no good and one pissy mama. I was running around trying to find clothes for me to wear, clothes for J to wear and a backup set of clothes for him to keep at daycare. Oh, did I forget to mention he had some crazy blowout or throwup or something that led him to need to be changed yesterday. And this mom? She had forgotten him a set of backup clothes. So when I picked him up from daycare last night he was sporting a blue and white striped onesie that is probably 20 years old and been worn by who knows how many children. But let's get back to today shall we?

My jeans are too big. Yes, too big. Not because I've lost that much weight but because we had to buy them that way. Yes, I bought them too big. I knew I shouldn't have but I thought I could shrink them. I had no jeans to wear, my others had torn and I needed pants people! {any tips on shrinking jeans is much appreciated} So, my pants are falling off, I feel like my tummy looks fat as hell and I didn't have time to blowdry my hair which always makes me feel frumpy.

On top of all that, today my brother graduates from the University of Georgia. And I'm not there. I know he could care less, but I care. I knew the boss lady wouldn't let me have off since I got the whole week of thanksgiving and she is out due to illness. Which means I have to be here. So, I'm missing his graduation.

He's graduating a semester early, with honors. I'm so proud. My brothers {they're twins} are {oddly enough} role models for me. They are intelligent, hard-working, kind people. Graduating today is Brother #2. A computer science major who has no idea what he wants to do now. Grad school, a year studying in Japan, more job interviews. His possibilities are endless.

All of these emotions had me seriously riled up this morning.

Confession: I'm an emotional eater. So, for the first time in two weeks I had fast-food this morning. I headed for Chik-fil-a and never looked back. Booooo. I will say, up until that moment I've done really well with my diet and working out. More updates on that tomorrow.

So see, I'm a little dramatic. But that's just the way I am. Hope y'all love me in spite of the dramatics.

Can I get an "hallelujah" for it being Friday?!

*update: I also just went to go run an errand only to realize I don't have my drivers license or insurance card. Which means I can't go pick up the Christmas present I needed to get for my husband and can't go to my other doctor's appointment this afternoon. Oh and that I really shouldn't be driving. FML*