Baby Blues

Just 9 months and 3 weeks ago I was lost in these baby blues.

These days I'm staring into something much different.

More like baby greens.

Just like his Dad.


  1. Oh hi handsome! You've got a lady killer on your hands!

  2. He is such a cutie! He's got gorgeous eyes!

  3. love him!!! also, i wanted to text you today to tell you that click 5 came on my ipod today. but i don't have a phone. and even if i did, i wouldn't be sending international texts. shoot me. i was jamming to some pop princess, though.

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE his eyes. They are just like S's. They were this deep dark blue when she was born and now they look alot like those with a darn blue circle around the outside. I love them. He is like one of my favorite little cuties to read about!

  5. Look I can comment by using google chrome! YAY! Apparently it's some google glitch. But isn't it crazy how a baby's eyes can change? He's too cute!


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