Dear Neglected Blog...

To describe how I've missed you this week might make these wonderful readers think I'm crazy.

But oh, how I've missed you!!

Two posts this week, that's all you got. I've been an awful documenter this week and well my excuse? Does a sick baby and a crazy boss sound good enough? No? Well, its all I got!

You see, blog, J has been sick for three weeks now. Yes, three. That is far too long for my tiny 10-month old baby to be sick. It started with an ear infection, then it turned into a virus, then back into an ear infection then back into a different virus.

Holy toledo my heart has been breaking for my handsome dude. But after three weeks and very little sleep my heart is now breaking for me and the hubs {and J}. Trust me dear blog, the entire family is now suffering.

On top of this I've had some craziness at work. I wish I could say it's been crazy busy, but that'd only be partially true. Mainly I've been dealing with some crazy co-workers. There are far too many details and I'd hate to bore you.

So here I am. It's Saturday, the house is a semi-mess {big thanks to the hubs for cleaning yesterday!} and J has been fussy to say the least. I just marked my entire google reader as "Read" even though 564 posts have most assuredly gone unread. Hopefully my sweet friends will forgive me and welcome me back next week.

This weekend I'm praying for health. Health for sweet Baby J and health for me. Well, really more strength and motivation for me. Yep, that sounds right.

Tomorrow, dear blog, we're going to lunch with another young, new-parent couple and I'm excited. They have great potential to be good friends. Wish us luck, blog.

Also, I have a big secret but I'm keeping it to myself for now. But I promise, blog, I will not neglect you the way I have this week.

Now, go enjoy the weekend!

Love always,

A working mama trying to conquer the world one sick baby, crazy co-worker and messy house at a time

Happy Saturday, Friends. Miss you all! Hope your week was filled with happiness. I'll be back on Monday for our regularly scheduled week of craziness.