Denying Milestones

Throughout the last 9 months we've "ooed and ahhed" over all of J's milestones, whether they're major or minor. But a couple weeks ago {I don't know the date, possibly a major mom fail} we hit a milestone that I'm still refusing to accept.

J woke up from his nap giggling. Those are always the best naps, don't ya think? So, I prepped his bottle and went in ready for smiles and hugs. But I walked in to something much different....

As I opened the door, J smiled his big open-mouth smile and out of no where I heard two little sounds...

"Ma MA"

Yes, said just like that. The second ma was more pronounced. Like he got excited about saying the word.

I stood there frozen. In shock -- complete shock.

Can a 9 month old really say his first word? Was he really correlating that word with me?

I hadn't encouraged him to say mama or dada, at all. And I didn't even realize that we hadn't been encouraging this until he blurted it out. So, I thought it must be the craziest coincidence ever.

That was three weeks ago.

Since then, J has repeated this endearing mama three other times. Three! I've melted into a mommy puddle every time he said that sweet, sweet word.

Mom's I need you to help me out here...can I count this as his first word or was it a fluke?

And just for good measure, one of my favorite photos.

{photo from J's 6-month session}


  1. I would count it! He has said it more than once! Go you! I heard Dadda a million times before I heard Momma!

  2. YES! I would say that was his first word. :)

  3. oh how sweet!!! Melts your heart I bet!

  4. My little one said "mama" all the time and at first I don't think he associated with me but very soon he did. He now sometimes says "mom" which kind sounds like he's British saying "mum" LOL. What a little sweetie!

  5. It's so exciting and fun when they start talking!!!

  6. Awww so sweet!! B said his first word around that age and it was "Mama". It's so heart melting!! :)

  7. Awwwwww... SO exciting!!!
    That's the best sound ever - when your little monkey says MAMA for the first time!

  8. What a sweet little boy!!! Alea's first words were "mama" too and I was SOO happy! He'll be jabbering away in no time ;)

  9. Such a sweet time.
    I was the same way- you get so excited when they make moves towards growing up but at the same time, you don't want them to grow up.
    He is adorable!

  10. So cute! :) I became a follower of your blog! Love it!

  11. As one who is *STILL* waiting to hear "Mama", I say count it and make it official.

    That photo is just too, too darling.

  12. Of course it counts! Congratulations! My Lilly just started saying "mama" on Thanksgiving. Well, it was REALLY "mamamamamamamamamamamama" but I still counted it!

    Great photograph of your handsome man! :o)

  13. That is TOTALLY his first word!!!

  14. yes! he can say his first word at 9 months! and he did! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  15. That is so exciting!!! Sorry I missed this for a minute! Congratulations to you! I can't wait til E says mama! :)

  16. You can totally count that as his first word! That is so precous and sweet! My baby girl keeps saying mamama over and over, but not directly looking at me. {Ill probably count that as her!} ha. He is so handsome..I would have melted too!

    ps-thanks for becoming a follower and check my blog out! Means so much : )


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