Denying Milestones

Throughout the last 9 months we've "ooed and ahhed" over all of J's milestones, whether they're major or minor. But a couple weeks ago {I don't know the date, possibly a major mom fail} we hit a milestone that I'm still refusing to accept.

J woke up from his nap giggling. Those are always the best naps, don't ya think? So, I prepped his bottle and went in ready for smiles and hugs. But I walked in to something much different....

As I opened the door, J smiled his big open-mouth smile and out of no where I heard two little sounds...

"Ma MA"

Yes, said just like that. The second ma was more pronounced. Like he got excited about saying the word.

I stood there frozen. In shock -- complete shock.

Can a 9 month old really say his first word? Was he really correlating that word with me?

I hadn't encouraged him to say mama or dada, at all. And I didn't even realize that we hadn't been encouraging this until he blurted it out. So, I thought it must be the craziest coincidence ever.

That was three weeks ago.

Since then, J has repeated this endearing mama three other times. Three! I've melted into a mommy puddle every time he said that sweet, sweet word.

Mom's I need you to help me out here...can I count this as his first word or was it a fluke?

And just for good measure, one of my favorite photos.

{photo from J's 6-month session}