Fun With Our Phones Monday

Happy New Year wonderful readers!!

Our new year's eve was rather uneventful. I can say that the hubs and I both made it to midnight though. So that's something, right?

Before I get off on a rant, don't forget to post your phone photos, grab our button, and link-up with me and Savannah!

Now, where was I? Oh yes, new year's eve.

Most of you areprpbably off work today. Not me. I have packed up, left the babe with his grandmother and am unhappily sitting at work.

After two weeks of a broken office chair, I finally got my new one!!

Also new to my year is coffee. I hate coffee. Or should I say hated. And now that motherhood, marriage and work are taking over my life, I've decided it's time I learn to love it. So, since I only survived Christmas this year thanks to coffee it may stick around for a while.

To help me out with my new friendship...

Now I'll let you lovely readers in on a secret...

The boss man let us go home early! So, I'm off to hang out with the hubs, or perhaps take a nap.