Gone in a Flash aka Christmas 2011

Did I say gone in a flash? Yeah, right. More like "never thought it'd end."

Don't get me wrong our first Christmas turned out pretty good. But, as we finished round 3 of Christmas this morning when the in-laws finally went back to TN I could have jumped with joy.  

I've shown you our Santa stash, our christmas wreath and even a recipe perfect for sharing with the family. So that should be it, right? Wrong. I have photos galore that you need to see. Yes, need to. 

You see those stockings, I made them! AH! I really did! Along with the help of my Grandmother, I got this ready for us just in time for the big day. I was inspired by some stockings I found on Etsy. Yeah, they were going to cost me $80, these cost $30 plus an afternoon with my Grandmother. I'd say these were a major win!

And then there are some of the little details of Christmas...

But hands down the best part of this Christmas was taking a step back and enjoying my little family. I am so blessed to have a loving husband and a little dude who is the light of our lives. 

I can't wait for next Christmas when he is running around as an almost 2-year-old. For now, though, I am so glad all the Christmas stuff is in the attic!