I Want to be a Boy Mom - End. Of. Story.

When I was pregnant with J, I just knew we were having a girl. Every fiber of my being was screaming girl!

When you're pregnant, whether it be for the first time or the third time, knowing every little detail becomes so important. Things that never crossed your mind before are all you think about. Or, at least, that was the case for me.

Was I carrying high or low? Could you tell from behind I was pregnant? What did my routine morning {all day} sickness mean? What did the Chinese calendar say? What did my intuition say? What did everyone else say?

At 17 weeks, the answer to all of those questions pointed straight to a girl.

But then at 18 weeks a room full of six nurses told me we'd be expecting a baby boy. I made those poor nurses stand there and stare at his little weenie just to be sure. And, well, as we all know, they were right.

I can't lie, I was disappointed. As I laid there, my tummy covered in goo, I wondered how my motherly intuition could've been so wrong. How had it failed me already?! Meanwhile, the hubs was doing a celebratory lap around the hospital {not literally, but you know}.

As women, I think it's something we have to come to terms with, being a boy mom. Most of us don't grow up thinking, oh I can't wait to be in a house full of boys! Umm, no, quite the opposite actually! We run around dreaming of finding the biggest bows and frilliest dresses for our little girls. We dream of prom, sorority rush and wedding planning.

Now that I'm 10 months into this mommy gig I can say I absolutely love being a boy mom. I'm not the first to make this proclamation, no, many of you have also come to this realization. I think its just a right of passage.

Several weeks ago, one of J's daycare teachers commented that he is "all boy." Her comment kind of caught me off guard, what exactly did she mean by that? Well, since then, I've paid close attention to J's mannerisms. And you know what I've seen? That she was spot on. My little boy is just that, all boy.

Among many, many things that are wonderful about having a boy, like not having to have the cutest matching ensemble each day, J has a certain essence about him. He exudes a sprit of adventure {hence a reason for our birthday theme}.

As I read all of your blogs chronicling recent pregnancies and new ventures into motherhood, I can't help but think about our {maybe} Baby #2.

Before meeting J and becoming a mom, I thought that we'd try for #2 and if all went right it'd be a girl. One boy, one girl. Perfect, no?

Now, when I think about our {maybe} Baby #2 I see a little boy. I see J running around showing his little brother how to fit into spaces far too tiny to crawl through, the way teasing the dogs can be endless hours of entertainment, that if you throw food the dogs will catch it, and that if you get a little dirty mom will roll her eyes and give you a big ole smile.

The days go by and the more I dream about completing our family I see Baby #2 in our future.

However, the dreams I had of sorority initiation and tea parties are fading into baseball games, boy scouts and messy excursions. And that is quite alright with me.