It's Party Time: Theme Reveal!

This post had previously been scheduled for tomorrow. I thought announcing J's first birthday theme on his 10-month birthday would be quite fitting. That is, until I got to daycare this morning and realized today is the 23rd not tomorrow! Holy cow, my baby is 10-months old today

So, without further babbling...

A tale of true love and the spirit of adventure

Yes, I think that sums up the year we've had perfectly.

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My little baby, who's not so little anymore, will be turning one on March 23. Two months from today.

I had several themes in mind. Some that I even wrote about when J was still a little newborn. But once Up was added to the mix,  it quickly became an unrivaled choice for his first birthday theme. So, in preparations, we re-watched the movie for a little inspiration and a party-planning kickoff.

I love this movie. A love-story told in just seven minutes. Simply put, it's beautiful. You can't watch this movie without feeling true love tug at your heartstrings. And my friends, that's exactly what this year has been. One huge tug-of-war between true love and my heartstrings. It's been the greatest journey I've ever been blessed to travel.

Prepare yourselves, this mama is officially in party-planning mode. And I have a feeling I'll need your help along the way. Ideas for printables, banners, treats, gifts, whatever you loved most about your parties are all welcome!

Let's get planning lovely readers!