My Pregnancy Secret

Did you jump over here thinking you were about to stumble on yet another blogger pregnancy announcement?!

Well then, I gotcha!

No pregnancy to announce here {at least I hope not}, but with my Twitter feed being filled with morning sickness woes, I thought it was time I shared my pregnancy survival tip.

You see, this little blog never chronicled my pregnancy, in fact I didn't start this blog until J was two months old.

Why? Because the nine months prior to that I spent all my time with the toilet. Yes, from the day I found out we were preggo to the day we watched J breathe his first breath I was getting to be BFFs with morning {all day} sickness!

I wish severe morning sickness like that on non one! Ok fine I could maybe think of a couple people, but we'll stick with no one.

Like most pregnant women, I jumped on the Zofran train. But it was like popping a gummy bear. Nothing happened. It may have calmed the storm in my stomach for an hour or two, but that was on a good day. My OB continued to suggest Phenergran but that stuff knocks me out. Not sure how the family I was working as a Nanny for would feel about me needing more naptimes than their little dude. So, that was out of the question.

I was left with one thing. Hope.

Hope that by the time my second trimester came around the sickness would start to fade. Well folks, half-way into my second trimester I was still seeing just how good of friends me and every public bathroom could become. And you know how much fun that is. Yay for public bathrooms! ::insert sarcastic face here::

So, I bit the bullet, faced my fears and headed to see the acupuncturist my Dad had been suggesting.

Yep, that's it.


All you needle-phobes are about to click out of my blog, but wait!

It's not nearly what you imagine. In fact, it wasn't bad or scary at all. I'm a major needle-phobe. Like whoa. They terrify me something fierce...for the record anything medical terrifies me.

But I laid there, my eyes tightly shut praying not to die out of shock that 15 tiny needles had just been stuck into various places on my body. I quickly realized the worst part isn't the needles, it's laying there for 20 minutes being still!

I went back for acupuncture treatments several times. And while my nausea never completely went away {like I said, severe morning sickness}, after three visits I no longer needed to run to a toilet any time someone decided they wanted to eat lunch or wear perfume.

Really and truly acupuncture was my Godsend during pregnancy. And I can say with all certainty that I will begin treatments much earlier the next time around.

If you're thinking of having acupuncture treatments done or are curious about this method in regards to pregnancy please feel free to ask! I'd be glad to talk with you.

Happy Friday, everyone!