Nursery Tour

Do you remember way back when we bought our house {in September}, I promised to show you around?

Well, I have failed to uphold that promise. Can you forgive me?

From here on out I'll be sharing our little abode with you one project at a time. Now be prepared, most projects in our house are works in progress. With only three days a week to play Tim the tool-man Taylor, it's tough getting everything done! I'm sure y'all understand.

Now onto the good stuff!

What better room to start with than J's nursery?!

There's just one catch though, this isn't his current nursery.

Nope, this is his first nursery. It holds a special place in my heart.

The entire wall of bookshelves is by far my favorite feature. It was perfect for the millions picture frames and books we quickly stocked up on. Although, it has made it quite a chore to transition into his new nursery!

Our theme for his room -- elephants {obviously}.

When finding out we were having boy, I had a major debate as to the theme for his room. Then things just fell into place after discovering his bedding. And my MIL? Well, she has made sure J now owns any elephant she's come across over the last year.

changing table: Graco Lauren laundry basket: Koala Baby Hamper 

Of course no nursery is complete without a changing station. Oh, and that laundry hamper? Is ah-mazing! It has a removable netting liner for those super dirty baby clothes.

I found a mixture of baskets from Wal-Mart and Target to store all of J's blankets and clothes. You see all those shelves? Yeah, they were our substitute for a dresser. I loved it. More floor space for this new momma to run around in. 

Well, there you have it, the room where we brought J home. 

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