A Smorgasbord, If You Will

With so many thoughts scurrying around my mind already this week, I feel as if I can't form a complete post. So, you'll be getting bits of would-be posts today. Sound good? Good.

Can we start with a weight date?

All in all, up to day 5, I'm doing good this new year. As you all know, I began my weight-loss journey Dec. 10, 2011 with a challenge to lose 60 pounds by the following Dec 10. Christmas certianly didn't help, but the stomach virus I had did. I wish I was kidding.

As it stands, I've done well using My Fitness Pal to log calories. {if you're on there come find me! my user name is magnoliamom365}. With the start of the new year I decided to begin my workout plan all over again. So here I am on day 5, it's a break day. Who knew that jumping jacks were hard. Um, yeah, a body that still has the sickies and hasn't had any good cardio in forevah, that's who! Thank you break day, my stomach forgot it had muscles.

Next up on our plate of smorgasbord details {I just love that word}....it's January. You're thinking, duh, Erin! What I'm getting at here is that it's Januray and in 77 days my baby becomes a 1-year-old.


On top of the typical mommy emotions that come along with your baby growing up, I'm a nitpicky planner and an extremely indecisive person. This is already proving to be a challenge for birthday #1. But all that? Yeah, that's a post {and possibly a poll} for another day.

Next on my list of random thoughts...I've been thinking of switching to Wordpress. And I'm looking for your thoughts, advice, tips, favorite designers. How did you make the switch? Was it easy? And so on and so on.

I've used WordPress before and liked it, but I've just become so used to Blogger I'm getting nervous to make the switch. Will you PLEASE comment below if you have any experience in switching from one to the other or if you have any thoughts on this topic at all! Peas and thank you.

There it is, my thoughts on a bloggy platter. Happy Thursday, friends, hope the new year is treating you well.