Thoughts on a Friday

I could dance around screaming T-G-I-F right now I'm so excited for this weekend!

Not only do we have a few things planned{we'll discuss in a moment} but this week at work has blown big time. So, yay for a little breather from the madness!

Our weekend plans?

Oh, you know, just taking my first ever photography class! Squeeee!

I am beyond excited. Erin over at Blue Eyed Bride metioned taking a class from a local photographer a few months back. What a genius idea! Photographers teaching others the art of getting out of auto. I love using manual with my new lens, but I could certainly use some pointers. So I tracked down the class she took, but that photographer had cancelled anymore classes. Her friend, however, was planning just one more!! It was fate, people.

So, tomorrow morning I'll put on my birg girl pants, get past my nerves and head to the photography class. I'm hoping I don't a.) embarass myself or b.) embarass myself. Yep, that's about it. I can't wait to share what I learn with y'all!

Then, if that's not enough photography in our lives for one weekend, we're having J's 9-month photos done on Sunday.

Confession: He is only one week away from being 10 months old.

I guess that's what happens when your actual 9-month birthday is 2 days before Christmas. Awful, awful timing. Sorry, dude, hope you forgive mommy.

Here's where you lovely readers come in...I need your opinions.

Since he's almost 10 months old should we just dress for winter rather than the more Christmasy outfit I had planned {reminder: his official 9-month b-day Dec. 23}?? Or just get over the fact that we don't really have 9-month photos and embrace that he's a totally different munchkin than he was 3 weeks ago. Because, for real, he looks so different now than in his Christmas photos! His hair has gotten so long this month. {I love it!}

There it is, my photography filled weekend ahead. I am pretty damn excited about it.

Happy Friday ladies!