Tid-Bits About J

Every month, moms declare, "it's my favorite!".

Let's get real though, not every month is great. At least not around here. Month six? Horrible. Bleh, absolutely dreadful! Month 7? Better but still pretty bumpy. Month 8? It was kind of fabulous. And so it turns out, month 9/10 is going to be one of my top picks of our first year.

J's personality is developing at a rapid pace. His tendancies are so adaorbale right now that they're deserving of their own post.

Here goes:

1. For starters, he's a flirt. Any girl, teen, woman he comes in contact with is greeted with a big open-mouth smile. And typically a cute little gasp/squeel. It's a classic J noise.

2. Any time someone picks him up he attempts to bend backwards. He loves being upside down. It is far more entertaining than anything else.

3. Actually, the only thing more entertaining than being upside down is sitting on Daddy's shoulders.

4. If we're in the car you can count on hearing a plethora of crazy mouth-made noises. You know, like farting noises only they're coming from his mouth. Yeah, such a boy.

5. Speaking of noises in the car, he always "talks" while we drive. And this kid is a professional babbler.

6. J's voice is my favorite thing. I can't wait for more words. If my suspicions are right, he'll be the top student in his Spanish class. Are you thinking, wtf? Well, ever since we began daycare he had some awful congestion causing him to gurgle when he first began to babble. And now that the congestion is gone? The kid still sits in the back sit rolling his r's and sounding like a foreign little man. Love this quality, it's so uniquely J.

7. Aside from being obsessed with his actual dogs, he is in love with the Scout we got for Christmas. Scout is his official crib toy and has helped Mom and Dad catch a few more zzz's while J stays entertained with him in the mornings. Win.

8. Late night silliness. A couple weeks ago, I whispered into J's ear that I loved him. Something I do every night as we finish his bottle and rocking in our chair. What did he do? Giggled. So I whispered again, and more giggles. B walked in, looked at us giggling, and said "what's going on in here?!" HA! Loved that moment this month.

9. J is already a social butterfly. He loves to be out, no matter where that may be. The store, lunch, a family members house, whatever. He soaks it up and talks to everyone!

10. That big open-mouth smile. {see #1} It never fails that when me or B walk into a room, he lights up with that big smile and typically a gasp/squeal. Makes my heart happy and reminds me how blessed we are for our little miracle.

Month 9, thanks for being pretty good to us. {minus more ear infections!}