The Way it Went on Wednesday

I left for work filled with optimism only to be shot down like a paparazzi chopper in the no-fly zone at Kim Kardashian's wedding.

Without going into too many details, our office manager {also my best friend's mom} has acted in unreasonable and unprofessional ways over the last week. She's been gone from work for over a month due to a rather major surgery and she has now returned in a complete frenzy.

By lunch she was badgering me about leaving for my break. What she doesn't know {since she's been gone} is that I haven't left for lunch in forever. I eat at work. Saves on gas and money.

But due to hearing her rip one of my coworkers a new one for the most insanely ridiculous reasons I was about to lose it. So, I grabbed my purse and sprinted for the door.

I was shaking.

I wasn't even hungry. I didn't have any errands to run. Nada. Nothing.

So I thought I'd go see J. But when I pulled up to his daycare, the light in their room was off. That means most of the babes are asleep. I couldn't bring myself to go in to disrupt them.

But just two doors down was the entrance to the church. You know, the church which hosts his daycare; the church I grew up in as a member. After Tuesday's post and all of your comments and emails I had church on the brain for sure.

I walked up to the door and asked the secretary if the sanctuary was open. It wasn't. But she told me the chapel was. Oh, the chapel. My heart felt lifted when she said that. She began to show me the way but I told her I knew where it was.

I went into what was our children's chapel when I was little. I slid into a pew and knelt.

Then, I prayed and cried.

That was just all I had in me. The intense work environment I've had the last week has made me feel, well, weak. All of this on top of everyday trials of life is proving to be too much.

After I couldn't pray anymore. I sat back and looked around the chapel. And? It's the exact same it was over 8 years ago. There was just one different thing, a plaque above the piano. This plaque dedicated that chapel the the minister whom I grew up with at church. It was such a sign to me. On the way to the church/daycare I was thinking about that minister and what a great man he is. I know that's off topic but it made my heart smile to see that plaque.

I then went back to work still feeling shaky and a bit off.

An hour later daycare called saying J's ear was draining blood. Crap.

We have just finished up antibiotics from a double ear infection which began new year's eve. Can this poor kid not catch a break? To be honest, he was doomed, me and the hubs both had awful, ongoing ear infections as infants.

So, I called the pediatrician, ran out the door at work. Oh and I should mention when I told the office manager something was wrong with J and I had to run she got a bit snoody asking if I was leaving in the middle of something! Um, hello, how about "how's your baby, is everything ok?" Gah!! Moving on.

J is such a good flirt sport. He hammed it up at the doctor's office. He patiently waited his turn to be seen as he chased around the cutest 3-year-old girl and smiled at all the nurses. We are in for it with this one. Such a ladies man, already!

We went home and had to CIO because he was thrown so far off schedule. Sorry dude, you needed to go to the doctor! But after a good nap he was back to his smilin' self.

My day couldn't end without a trip to the grocery though. You know, because apparently I forgot half of the stuff we needed during my weekend trip. As I snagged a spot in self check-out I had everything bagged and ready as I reached for my wallet only to {just then} remember I moved my wallet to the diaper bag. Fail!

I was a bit mortified. This has actually never happened to me. I looked at the guy manning the self-checkout area and begged for him to hold my gallon of milk, cheese and cereal. When I returned 10 minutes later {thank God we live so close to the grocery} he kindly had my stuff waiting! If only he knew how much that little gesture of kindness meant to me yesterday.

Whew. It was a long day.

Are you still with me? Really? I'm glad.

I began this post flustered and tense, but I'm feeling like at least a little of this weight has been lifted. Thanks for listening ladies.