Square One

Originally titled "Tubes in the Trash, Heart in Shreds"

So, I guess we should start from last Wednesday....

You know how I was frantically prepping for my job interview, yeah why should that've been my only worry?

Daycare called me at work to inform me J's left ear was draining blood, lots of red blood.

And just like that we had boarded the roller coaster smack dab in the front seat. Throw your arms up people, the roller coaster is moving!

From that moment on the week slipped away as I bounced between nurses at our pediatrician and the ENT. After dealing with ear infections, viruses and congestion galore it's time for answers.

I'm over it! My baby deserves to be well. He should be well. We've done everything they've asked of us. And still, I'm told there's nothing we could've done differently. Hmph. Differently, right.

Both the ENT and pediatrician wanted to see us right away. For the pedi that meant the next morning {note: it was already 5 p.m. before we began dealing with this}. My mom took J to the doctor while I anxiously went to work. I instructed her that I was done with antibiotics. We've done a different antibiotic with each ear infection and they never do anything. In fact, we often have to do two different sets of antibiotics before really getting the infection. Per my request, they took a culture of his ears and instructed us to head to the ENT.

This is where my heart breaks into a million tiny pieces like a mirror smashed in your driveway.

Friday afternoon, I packed me and J up and headed to the ENT. He took a look at J's ears as I explained that we'd had tubes back in October and still were enduring multiple ear infections. His suggestion? Yank out the $300 tubes that seemed so necessary just a few months ago. Because now those tubes are the root of the problem {or at least one of the roots}.

He asked me to hold J close to my chest as he lowered the chair back. I honestly thought he was just going to take a closer peek at his ears. But no. He was going in for the kill...and kill he did. He killed my heart at that moment as I had to hold my child's arms as tubes were literally pulled out of his ears. About the time he finished removing the first tube I couldn't contain my tears any longer. So, I cried. And then I cried more as they removed the second tube.

Antibiotic drops were given and then we were shuffled to checkout with a followup scheduled for one month.

For the first 24 hours things went well.

Then life reminded me we're still in the front seat of that roller coaster.

The congestion set in Sunday afternoon. You could hear it in every breath. And that's when the coughing starts. This was it, just what life was pre-tubes. We have still been so sickie post-tubes that I forgot how much worse it really was before.

Let's just say, no more reminders needed! Pre-tubes was awful. And post-post-tubes might just be worse.

I frantically called the ENT who called in an oral antibiotic. Moments {literally} before I was about to give J Benadryl I recalled the allergists' instructions for our appointment. Yes, you read that correctly, the allergist. We've had an appointment scheduled since early February and it had become my last resort. I had decided it was going to be my answer. But their instructions were no antihistamines 7 days before. Eek! Thank God I remembered!

I held out on the Benadryl long enough for us to get to the allergist yesterday.

Our visit consisted of a skin test and what felt like the longest 15 minute wait EVER.

As I paced back and forth attempting to entertain J, I silently prayed whatever his allergy just don't be the dogs. Dear, Lord not the dogs! Anything but the dogs!

I heard the beep-beep of the nurses' timer, anxiously staring at the door. She came in, took a look and said "there are no positive tests."


I was so sure J had an allergy. But now we have our answer. Well, kind of. We at least know he's not allergic to anything {generally speaking for the tests they can conduct on a 11-month old}.

So now what?

I'm still left with no answers and a sick baby.

Our allergist and pedi have agree we need to do blood tests regarding J's immune system. However, they prefer these tests not be conducted until a month after our 1-year vaccinations. That's a two month wait for more answers.

In my opinion, that's still no answer. I'm left helpless. Completely and utterly helpless. My baby screams as he lays down at night because his ears hurt. I have a million things swirling through my head and heart as I try to decide what might be best for him.

Perhaps pulling him out of daycare away from the germs for a while might help. This option has now been suggested by our doctor. There's a possibility giving him a year could allow the inner ear to grow in strength and help us avoid the ear infections. But it's just that, a possibility. Do I want to make that gamble and take my social-bug away from the place he thrives most? Would it really help?

I just don't know anymore, not that I ever really knew anything.

My brain is exhausted as my soul is aching for my baby.

We find ourselves back at a crossroads, but I will not be discouraged.

I will help J get better and we will get to the root of his sickies despite our setbacks because that's what moms do. And I'll be damned if I'm not this kid's mom.

My First Job Interview -- EVER

Last week, my phone rang. It was a local number that I didn't know. So, I didn't answer. That's typically how I roll. I'd rather just wait for the voicemail.

But this voicemail was not at all what I expected.

This voicemail was a man offering me a job interview. Me! For a job I hadn't even applied for. He even congratulated me on my outstanding resume. I kid you not my heart was racing. My palms started sweating.

I was listening to this voicemail at work and it felt as if everyone knew I just got a phone call about another job. Of course, though, they hadn't.

Before I go any further, do you even know what I do for a living? No? Well, I'm a paralegal {not licenced, so technically legal assistant}.

You see, the month of January was a rough one at my job. So, I sent my resume over to a family friend just to see if he might have an opening with his firm. He didn't; however, he apparently passed my resume on to a friend. And that friend? Well he called me up for an interview.

Last Thursday, I disappeared from the blog world in attempts to contain my nerves about this interview.

I have NEVER had an interview for a job. {serving jobs don't count}

Currently, I work for one of my best friend's step-dad. And well, they knew my background and education and no interview was necessary. Also, my current job happens to be my first big-girl job.

That brings us back to last week. I went into that interview partially prepped thanks to a friend who knew about this law firm. And partially prepped thank to my amazing twitter friends who answered my random interview questions {THANKS!}!

The verdict?

I survived the interview. In fact, some may say I rocked it. Nonetheless, my stomach was in knots the entire day before, of and after the interview.

Well readers, yesterday, they asked me back for a second interview to meet the partners.


I am terrified!

Let's talk about the position they're interviewing me for, yeah?

I would be working as a paralegal {not legal assistant like now}.
I would be doing only appellate law for the state supreme court {rather than my current district courts}.
I would be working with one attorney {rather than five}.
I would be editing for the majority of my job {as opposed to the million things I do now}.

Here are where my concerns lie....

My current job is extremely flexible with my mommy schedule. No questions are asked when I have to drop everything and leave to go get J. And unfortunately, that can be fairly often due to all of our ear and possible allergy issues. I am nervous to the 10th degree that I'll switch to a new job and they will not have the same understanding manner.

Will I enjoy this type of law? My husband thinks I'm crazy for even asking this. But he doesn't get it. Each type of law is extremely different, especially appeal cases. So, yes, I'd get to do lots of editing which I love {note: I have a journalism degree} but I would not get to do the variation that I like with my current job.

And last, the deciding factor will be money. I need a raise at my current job something fierce. No matter my concerns, if the money is good enough I'll have no choice but to ignore my fears and do what's best for my family.

Now, before we continue to get ahead of ourselves, I've got to make it through a second interview....with two partners! And these partners each have extremely impressive resumes. Like my jaw hit the floor. Oy.

Would you all please chime in below. I'd love to hear your job experiences, thoughts, guidance, anything! Tips on interviewing, new jobs, paralegal jobs or making big life-changing decisions welcome! 

Life is a Whirlwind

Last week got away from me. I had some relatively exciting, anxious things going on professionally. Then to add to that, J began having blood drain from his left ear. Not the normal just-a-bad ear infection type blood, but lots of red, bad blood.

This inevitably led to momma bear yelling at multiple nurses at multiple doctors offices. Why in the world have we paid for tubes, and doctor appointment after doctor appointment, antibiotic after antibiotic just for my precious angel to still be sick?!

It's just not fair. A more detailed, heart-wrenching post is set for later this week, heck maybe tomorrow, regarding sweet Baby J's ears and illnesses.

But this weekend, I tried to relax. Regroup a little.

The hubs' best friend came in town and to see our house for the very first time. Really, my main goal of the weekend was to make sure B enjoyed his time with his best friend whom we rarely get to see. And who in turn rarely gets to see J.

I'd say we were successful in balancing time with J and time for just adults this weekend. 

Although there are no photos to document it, we dropped J off for a sleepover at grandma's Saturday. Then the adults headed to a little Japanese restaurant and feasted on sushi and lots and lots of saki.

I enjoyed my adult time this weekend, but boy did I miss this handsome guy. It's crazy how my heart and soul have become so attached to him.

Sunday night was a little rough, I can tell J is getting sick again. Our efforts to help last week have obviously failed. 

Nevertheless, this guy is {mainly} still all smiles. 

If my mommy instincts are right, we'll be frequenting the doctor again this week. In the mean time, I'm just going to hold this kiddo close for this sickie snuggles and hope the rain goes away soon.

Lots to catch you all up on this week. Happy Monday!

The Month I Failed

Ten month photos. Something that should've been done on January 23rd.

Right...about those...

I missed them. Like bad. Like by 28 days bad.

Dear, sweet Baby J, I hope you'll forgive me. But my complete terror of trying to get you into that onesie with a sticker just ran too deep this month. You are so temperamental and hate {I repeat hate} getting changed so badly, no time seemed like a good time.

That is until it hit me: in just one day J will be 11-months-old!

So I put on my mommy pants and put him in that onesie.

That monkey? He didn't last long. Obviously.

So, I made an attempt to chill him out with one of our favorite attention getters, the bottle cap...

Also, a failed attempt at my "child & monkey" photo.

This meant it was time to enlist Dad for help.

And my fear of these photos was justified. 

Just like that he was off and over being in front of the lens while mommy is left with no comparison picture.

Tomorrow this handsome man will be 11-months old. Even in the moment I typed those words my heart skipped a beat. Month 10 was magical. Our best yet, really and truly. He grew, he laughed, he cried, he teethed, said mama over and over, he stood alone, he loved his daddy and pups. He made our hearts grow. 

As we begin this next month, the last of his first year, I'm humbled by what the past 11 months have brought us. 

My Rockstar Moments

I'm not much of a singer.

What I really mean by that is that I don't have much of a voice. In my mind I do, in reality I don't. As it stands, I rarely sing in public. But put me in a car with my phone and Taylor Swift on shuffle and watch out!

I belt out every lyric as if I was on stage next to T-Swift herself. These moments are quite possibly some of my favorite each day. I just love a good song you can sing to. And really, who doesn't?

The other week, someone asked what type of music J listens to. She suggested "classical" or perhaps "baby Einstein." I paused for a second, and knew this answer was too easy.

 Ummm, yeah...he listens to Taylor Swift and the occasional Adele tune.

Then it hit me.

No, not that I'm failing as a mom playing classical music for my budding genius. But that some day, that boy is going to realize mama in in the front seat belting it out as if she were Aretha Franklin.

It's only a matter of time before he realizes this is not a fun game but an embarrassingly traumatic experience.

So lay it on me ladies, how long you think I've got until J makes me stop singing? Two years? Three years?

Here's to hoping he'll think I'm the greatest, non-embarassing singer on the planet :)

Rainy Day Happenings

The sun did not shine. The birds did not sing. The rain did not stop!

With chilly temperatures on top of the rain we didn't do much of anything this weekend.

Our main focus? Playtime and walking practice!

Despite the rain, we had a rather lovely weekend. My Dad came in town {more details to come}. Basically this involved a pizza gathering at our house Friday night and some free time on Saturday.

Did I mention we spent half the weekend makin' the fish face? This face means one thing in our house: teething. J crawled around the house leaving a river of drool behind him. I swear he cut a tooth, but he still won't let me in that tiny little mouth to find out! Stubborn kid!

Oh and on Saturday night I did something a little special that I can't wait to tell you about!

Sunday, brought a day full of family time and DIY projects....and more walking practice.

At some point this weekend J's nap schedule got so out of whack he was slap happy. HA! Call me cruel, but I love when he gets like this. He gargles and giggles. And well it makes my spirit smile a little.

Sweet little thang.

All good things must come to an end though. And he finally took an appropriate length nap for Mommy and Daddy. That along with some time with his Sulli {grandma} gave me and the hubs time to finish up a much need house project!

Long story short -- the rain can be a daunting little pest when you have kids. However, this weekend it brought about a nice change of pace.

On Raising A Gentleman

I'm in unknown territory, this should be no surprise. To raise a girl? I have many pointers in mind already. But a boy? I'm at a total loss.

How do moms raise gentlemen?

How do I raise a gentleman? 

We excitedly prepare for the birth of our children, decorate nurseries to perfection and plan every cute outfit. But what about when the newness wears off? When the squishy newborn is gone and what's left is a little baby quickly becoming a toddler ::sigh:: What then?

This not-so-simple question is something I'd never pondered until the other day. As I read posts about tantrums and screaming I began to worry. How do you face those toddler days, or better yet those teen years? How do you fade out the attitudes of those periods and suck out the sweetness?

I quickly thought of my brothers. They are perfect gentlemen.

If moms were graded, mine would get an A+. Her sons are intelligent, kind, caring, responsible, respectful, fun, outgoing. Good God, they're the whole package. From a sibling standpoint, it's a little repulsive. From a mother's standpoint, it's beyond impressive.

As I see us nearing a new phase in life, I feel I need to be prepared, er well, more prepared.

Things to consider:

Act as an example: No, I'm not the Dad. I will never have that male comradery, but I can still be a leading example of how to {or not to} act in life.

Create teachable moments: This is one I'm preparing for. Taking an obstacle and making it a lesson. Even better, taking an achievement and making it a lesson. Either way, teach him. I feel this is a biggie in raising a gentleman.

Affirmation: There's a fine line in parenthood when it comes to praising your child. When their actions are positive a little praise goes a long way. Go too far and they are rotten, but find that balance and you'll begin to see confidence and pride settle in his personality.

Chivalry: You can't have a gentleman who isn't also chivalrous! That, my friends, is a good chunk of being a gentleman. The way in which a man treats a woman is so much of who he really is. To treat a woman with kindness, respect and honor are things that J better abide by. 

I'm sure this list could go on, but I believe I've found a good starting point.

For now, as we approach toddlerhood, faith and patience are my main focus. Patience is my weakest point in life. I'm praying as I teach J to be patient and faithful, I too will gain more of these virtues. Let's face it, growth as parents inevitably means growth for our children.

Places of guidance for this post: Raising your son to be a gentlemen, Sons who show respect, Raising a Gentleman

Love. Just, Love.

Yesterday, we received J's 9 {really 9 and 1/2} month photos from our photographer.

As I watched them load into iPhoto I could feel my heart swelling.

In so many of the photos I see expressions that are almost scarily me. And then with a click of a button the next photo brings a face only his father could've made.

I have more favorites from this session than I know what to do with. So be prepared to see more!

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Party Planning: Making Decisions

I thought I'd take the opportunity to link up with my friend over at Growing Up Geeky to share an update on party planning! I'd love any input or tips you may have from planning your parties :)

This is it. Crunch time.

I want J's first birthday to be perfect, special really.

With winter hitting us about a month late, an intense horror that it will be freezing on his big day has overcome my inner-conscious. I wish I was kidding. That's currently my greatest fear in life.

That come March 24th it will still be 40 degrees outside. That every single guest will be packed like a sardine in our relatively small house. Dear God, I hope it's warm {and while we're at it, not raining!}.

While half my brain worries about weather, the rest of it is realizing actual decisions need to be made!

My first decision? Paper.

I knew I wanted pretty paper products. You know, cute patterns, fonts and colors.

So I took to Etsy, hoping to spare myself some time and purchase something. I saw several party packages for $30. Right now? That seemed worth it. But when I inquired to almost  five different designers and only one said she could/would do it I was discouraged. Then when that designer told me it would be $80 for the custom design I almost died.

$30 sure. $80? Hell no.

Budget friendly -- that's the goal of this party, budget friendly. Perfect, but budget friendly. You get it.

Right then and there I decided to stop being lazy and start getting crafty. I headed back to my Birthday Pinterest board and regrouped.

Free printables + my husband's photoshop skills + my bestie's rhyming skills = DIY paper party package

Our official color theme and partial printables?

Printables Via

From these printables, the hubs began making other paper products, like straw flags. Oh and let's not forget the invitation!

By the way, how long before the party should you send out invitations?! I beg of you: someone let me know in the comments sections, please!
Gah, I love those two. Their love story is heart-warming, simply exquisit. I adore the adventure of their relationship. Really, if you haven't seen the movie Up, you need to! But I digress. 

You see the colors on the house behind them? Look familiar? I thought so.

Moms, non-moms, any body who can throw together a party, please offer up any tips in the comments below or feel free to email me here: magnoliamom365 [at] gmail [dot] com

The Obligatory Valentine's Post

I thought I'd shake things up a bit today.

No worries, husband, this post is still all about you. Well, no that's a lie. It's about us.

Rather than writing a love note to the hubs, we're going to take a trip down lyric lane. You know, the songs over the past six years that became ours, the songs that defined our relationship, our attitudes, our love. And even the songs that just made us laugh.

Just knowing that the world is round, Here I'm dancing on the ground, Am I right side up or upside down Is this real or am I dreaming- Dave Matthews, Crush

You always had an eye for things that glittered, and I was far from being made of gold. I don't know how but I scraped up the money. I just never could quite tell you no. - Tim McGraw, Just to see you smile

I found you Miss new booty, get it together and bring it back to me... - Bubba Sparxx :)

We gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the world to the end of the world. Oh, and when the kids are old enough we're gonna teach them to fly. You and me together, we could do anything, Baby. - Dave Matthews, You and Me

And she's everything I ever wanted. And everything I need. I talk about her, I go on and on and on 'cause she's everything to me. - Brad Paisley, She's Everything

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart without saying a word you can light up the dark.Try as I may I could never explain what I hear when you don't say a thing. - Allison Krauss, When you say nothing at all

Last but not least, the song that will forever make me think of the time we spent falling in love...

To common day for any hell to break loose I thought I'd grab a firecracker baby you light the fuse. What you want is all that I want to be, yeah there's something in you that digs...

Nothing you'll ever do will make me mad. Oh, when you're not right here it gets kind of sad.  

I got to say I have a much better day when I'm watching you sleep or you're watching me play. Don't be alarmed if the attention I pay is too steep a bill for another boy's ways. 

Girl, you got to face some of your fears cause I aint met a soul like yours in years. If you're telling me it takes a few beers well then just raise your glass and get ready to cheer. 

Cause what you want is all that I want to be, yeah there's something in you that digs something in me. - Orange Blues - 2006

For all those songs, through all those years, you've never doubted our love and for that I am grateful. You are and will always be my rock star and my love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Reflections and Introductions

When the days go by so quickly it's hard to grasp the fleeting moments of motherhood, marriage, love and happiness. As I look back on my blog posts of late, my spirit is smiling.

Did you know, I don't keep a baby book? I don't think I even finished the first few pages from J's birth. Oops. But that's why I'm here documenting. My life. His life. Our life.

Soon that baby will be one. ONE! The past month has been a reality check that toddler days are just around the corner. His face is filling out, his brunette locks are growing and curling {maybe}. J is standing alone and building his courage to get those chubstacks legs movin' any time now.

If I stop and look around at my life, I can't help to think - I'm blessed.

Are you stopping by from Neely's blog? Happen to be new around here? Or are you one of my sweet loyal readers? Either way...welcome and happy Monday!

Thought I'd share a quick run-down of our life lately....

Between working my ars off at work and balancing a sick, teething dude, I'm still getting used to mommyhood. One thing I do know? If I'm going to be a mom, I want to be a boy mom. Oh, and a WAHM {work at home mom}. Plans currently in the making.

Our love story? If you missed it, I spilled plenty of details on how we came to be last week.

That devilishly handsome baby? Well, he's sent this mama {and papa} into a party-planning frenzy. I'm currently in the midst of searching for printables, menu plans and balloons galore! Our one-year birthday theme? Pixar's movie Up!

I'm your classic first-time mom with a baby whose quickly sprouting into a boy, a husband who loves me despite my limited emotional scale, with continual postpartum issues and a blog that I fall more in love with every post.

Around here life is messy, but full of love. Grab a seat, it's only bound to get more interesting.

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It's A Sweet Treat

Have you prepared your goodies for that sweet, sweet holiday tomorrow? Have no fear, I'm here with the yummiest {easiest} treat for any busy mom to whip up!

Since J is only 10 months old and let's face it I have no idea what you'd give a class of 10-month olds other than a card, just his teachers are getting treats this year.

If you know me at all, then you know I'm a sucker for easy, scrumptious recipes. And these little lovelies are just that. With only three ingredients and the perfect balance of salt and sweet I have a feeling J's teachers will be quite pleased with his gift.


1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
2. Lay parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
3. Line the sheet with pretzels. Each pretzel gets a hershey kiss.

4. Place in oven for 3-4 minutes. The kisses will begin to look shiny. 
5. Just before they really get to melting, pull them out and place an M&M on each kiss. 
6. Let the treats completely cool and dry before packaging.

Just between you and me, they're best right out of the oven. 

Happy {early} Valentine's lovely readers. I hope your day is filled with happiness and sweets.

*recipe inspired by g*rated*

In a turn of events

It wasn't even 9 a.m. on Saturday before I texted my husband wishing he was home with us. He hastily texted me back to ensure everything was alright. Which it was. I couldn't complain. I was just...bored.

He asked me, what would you do if you stayed home every day?

That man had me stumped.

I whine constantly about wanting to be a SAHM {or WAHM}, but on Saturday I was bored before our first nap time.

For weeks now, we've had activity filled weekends. So, it had been a while since I had to put forth effort to fill our time. Within hours of being at home with J, his attention span had faded.

My mother swears up and down I was by our front door every morning by 8 a.m. with my coat in hand. And if she wasn't by my side, I was offering up her coat as well.

This, people, is karma.

J is a mover. That he gets from me.

A social butterfly? A regular comedian? Those adorable traits are from his dad.

I just love the swirl in his hair. 
We regrouped and made the most of our day together. My attempts to be crafty failed. But my little dude and I walked around the stores talking and singing. We explored and we giggled. Nothing was truly accomplished and dinner was not made.

And by the end of the night, it was the perfect Saturday.

My quintessential SAHM day.

My word that kid is cute!                                               

How PCOS Affects Motherhood

At 18, I ruled out having kids.

After my PCOS {Polycystic ovary syndrome} diagnosis, doctors gave me a 2 percent chance of having biological children without the use of IVF. The day I heard those words, it just seemed like something I would never be prepared to handle. So that was that.

There was just one problem...

At the time, Boyfriend B, now Hubby B, had mentioned his desire for kids more than a few times. He even had a name picked out for a little girl. It made my heart melt. I mean, how many men do you come across {at the age of 23!} that have their future daughter's name already picked out?!

August 6, 2010, our positive pregnancy test shot down any notions of life without kids. Upon calling my doctors, they had no explanation except to ask if I was a religious person -- inferring this was simply in God's hands.

I wasn't sure what to expect from pregnancy with PCOS. Let's get real, life not pregnant with PCOS was tough enough. I had finally overcome a major stretch of depression, I had become besties with my esthetician due to my excessive hair growth and I had finally created a semi-regular cycle after four years of different birth control efforts.

It's not easy. In fact, it's down right annoying. My PCOS isn't painful per say. But there are obstacles galore.

Over the last six years, I've learned that each case of PCOS is a little different. And mine? Well, it's certainly one in its own. For me, PCOS is essentially out-of-whack hormones  24/7.

So we began our pregnancy as high risk. This absolutely terrified me. My morning sickness was intense to say the least. And my body was having wave after wave of backlash from the excess hormones.

Pregnancy proved to be a very hard time for me. The estrogen levels my body was enduring sent the rest of my body into complete shock. My body does not handle high estrogen levels well at all! But I just kept my eye on the prize: our sweet baby boy and the relief of my hormones postpartum.

Despite the fact that I thought pregnancy was going to be the death of me every day, we were no longer high risk after week 12. Then at 38 weeks - 2 days we finally met J and my naive self thought my hormones would surely begin to find a better, not make-me-want-to-die pattern. 

Now, ten months postpartum, I'm still waiting for my hormones to go back to normal. 

Over the last ten months, my PCOS has become an entirely different monster. Rather than affecting just my weight and hair, I'm having skin issues. A rare outbreak of psoriasis that for several months caused me to be another high risk patient. I hate being high risk. Nothing good comes with this term. 

It's a daily battle, but over the last month I'm beginning to see my body make changes its never made before. I've left my high risk status in the past, waved goodbye to the dermatologist who thought it was ok for a 23-year-old to be on cancer meds and began a more holistic approach to my PCOS {and psoriasis} diagnosis.

I've got to say, I see myself on the path to normalcy.

Yes, normalcy. For each woman, that term has a different definition, especially those of us with PCOS.

This syndrome is no joke. It's a pesky little disorder that {I've found} is becoming more commonly diagnosed.

The trick to it is finding what works for your body and lifestyle. It's a lot of trial and error, a lot of frustration but in the end it's happiness.

March 23, 2011, J changed my views on kids, my battle with PCOS and well my outlook on life entirely.

I remind myself each day how blessed we are to have been surprised with pregnancy rather than fight with my infertility. On days where my PCOS is reigning over my hormones in every way possible it's tough to remember, but then...I see this guy and it's worth it. Every single minute.

*this is my personal experience with PCOS...I have no medical training, if you'd like to know more do a little Googling**