Life is a Whirlwind

Last week got away from me. I had some relatively exciting, anxious things going on professionally. Then to add to that, J began having blood drain from his left ear. Not the normal just-a-bad ear infection type blood, but lots of red, bad blood.

This inevitably led to momma bear yelling at multiple nurses at multiple doctors offices. Why in the world have we paid for tubes, and doctor appointment after doctor appointment, antibiotic after antibiotic just for my precious angel to still be sick?!

It's just not fair. A more detailed, heart-wrenching post is set for later this week, heck maybe tomorrow, regarding sweet Baby J's ears and illnesses.

But this weekend, I tried to relax. Regroup a little.

The hubs' best friend came in town and to see our house for the very first time. Really, my main goal of the weekend was to make sure B enjoyed his time with his best friend whom we rarely get to see. And who in turn rarely gets to see J.

I'd say we were successful in balancing time with J and time for just adults this weekend. 

Although there are no photos to document it, we dropped J off for a sleepover at grandma's Saturday. Then the adults headed to a little Japanese restaurant and feasted on sushi and lots and lots of saki.

I enjoyed my adult time this weekend, but boy did I miss this handsome guy. It's crazy how my heart and soul have become so attached to him.

Sunday night was a little rough, I can tell J is getting sick again. Our efforts to help last week have obviously failed. 

Nevertheless, this guy is {mainly} still all smiles. 

If my mommy instincts are right, we'll be frequenting the doctor again this week. In the mean time, I'm just going to hold this kiddo close for this sickie snuggles and hope the rain goes away soon.

Lots to catch you all up on this week. Happy Monday!