The Month I Failed

Ten month photos. Something that should've been done on January 23rd.

Right...about those...

I missed them. Like bad. Like by 28 days bad.

Dear, sweet Baby J, I hope you'll forgive me. But my complete terror of trying to get you into that onesie with a sticker just ran too deep this month. You are so temperamental and hate {I repeat hate} getting changed so badly, no time seemed like a good time.

That is until it hit me: in just one day J will be 11-months-old!

So I put on my mommy pants and put him in that onesie.

That monkey? He didn't last long. Obviously.

So, I made an attempt to chill him out with one of our favorite attention getters, the bottle cap...

Also, a failed attempt at my "child & monkey" photo.

This meant it was time to enlist Dad for help.

And my fear of these photos was justified. 

Just like that he was off and over being in front of the lens while mommy is left with no comparison picture.

Tomorrow this handsome man will be 11-months old. Even in the moment I typed those words my heart skipped a beat. Month 10 was magical. Our best yet, really and truly. He grew, he laughed, he cried, he teethed, said mama over and over, he stood alone, he loved his daddy and pups. He made our hearts grow. 

As we begin this next month, the last of his first year, I'm humbled by what the past 11 months have brought us.