My Emotional Scale

If I had to describe it? Let's just say Kristen Bell hits the nail on the head.

Did you watch the video? You've got to at least watch the first 1:30 to understand! Plus, it's hilarious!

You now know that if we were to rate my emotional scale from 1 to 10, the "good zone" is between 3 and 7. Otherwise? Crying.

I kid you not. Tears of joy, tears of happiness, lots of tears.

Before becoming a mother I never quite understood why my mom cried over everything. And holy hell do I mean everything. When she watched lifetime movies you may as well have just evacuated the building.

Now that I'm a mom? Dear God, the tears never stop.

Here's to a pleasant Monday and keeping things in the "good zone" this week.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my I had not seen this...hilarious! Yes being a mom will make you have tears at a drop of a hat!

  2. One of my friends posted this on facebook... absolutely freaking HYSTERICAL. Love her, she's so cute... Orangies Attic

  3. hahaha my emotional scale is the same too! this video made me crack up!

  4. Ugh. Last night I was at a 10......and not in a good way. Maybe I'll show this to my husband so he knows when I say "I'm at a 10!" he will come rescue me. :)

  5. Oh man - I so know what you mean! I cried like 5 times last week - happy tears, sad tears, mad tears, you name it, I have cried them!

  6. I LOVED this video!!! SOOOO cute and funny! Thank you for sharing. And I am right there with you- crying all the time!

  7. Ok, so, I'm not the only one who's crying all the time then? Good to know.

    I adore Kristen Bell simply because of this video. It's too cute!!

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  9. I cried at the beginning of the superbowl... just during the interviews. And? I don't even LIKE football!

  10. Hilarious! This is fantastic, and if I was cute and thin it would be me EXACTLY! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Oh my gosh, how had I never seen this clip before?! Hilarious.

    And now that I'm pregnant, I totally understand.


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