My First Job Interview -- EVER

Last week, my phone rang. It was a local number that I didn't know. So, I didn't answer. That's typically how I roll. I'd rather just wait for the voicemail.

But this voicemail was not at all what I expected.

This voicemail was a man offering me a job interview. Me! For a job I hadn't even applied for. He even congratulated me on my outstanding resume. I kid you not my heart was racing. My palms started sweating.

I was listening to this voicemail at work and it felt as if everyone knew I just got a phone call about another job. Of course, though, they hadn't.

Before I go any further, do you even know what I do for a living? No? Well, I'm a paralegal {not licenced, so technically legal assistant}.

You see, the month of January was a rough one at my job. So, I sent my resume over to a family friend just to see if he might have an opening with his firm. He didn't; however, he apparently passed my resume on to a friend. And that friend? Well he called me up for an interview.

Last Thursday, I disappeared from the blog world in attempts to contain my nerves about this interview.

I have NEVER had an interview for a job. {serving jobs don't count}

Currently, I work for one of my best friend's step-dad. And well, they knew my background and education and no interview was necessary. Also, my current job happens to be my first big-girl job.

That brings us back to last week. I went into that interview partially prepped thanks to a friend who knew about this law firm. And partially prepped thank to my amazing twitter friends who answered my random interview questions {THANKS!}!

The verdict?

I survived the interview. In fact, some may say I rocked it. Nonetheless, my stomach was in knots the entire day before, of and after the interview.

Well readers, yesterday, they asked me back for a second interview to meet the partners.


I am terrified!

Let's talk about the position they're interviewing me for, yeah?

I would be working as a paralegal {not legal assistant like now}.
I would be doing only appellate law for the state supreme court {rather than my current district courts}.
I would be working with one attorney {rather than five}.
I would be editing for the majority of my job {as opposed to the million things I do now}.

Here are where my concerns lie....

My current job is extremely flexible with my mommy schedule. No questions are asked when I have to drop everything and leave to go get J. And unfortunately, that can be fairly often due to all of our ear and possible allergy issues. I am nervous to the 10th degree that I'll switch to a new job and they will not have the same understanding manner.

Will I enjoy this type of law? My husband thinks I'm crazy for even asking this. But he doesn't get it. Each type of law is extremely different, especially appeal cases. So, yes, I'd get to do lots of editing which I love {note: I have a journalism degree} but I would not get to do the variation that I like with my current job.

And last, the deciding factor will be money. I need a raise at my current job something fierce. No matter my concerns, if the money is good enough I'll have no choice but to ignore my fears and do what's best for my family.

Now, before we continue to get ahead of ourselves, I've got to make it through a second interview....with two partners! And these partners each have extremely impressive resumes. Like my jaw hit the floor. Oy.

Would you all please chime in below. I'd love to hear your job experiences, thoughts, guidance, anything! Tips on interviewing, new jobs, paralegal jobs or making big life-changing decisions welcome!