My Rockstar Moments

I'm not much of a singer.

What I really mean by that is that I don't have much of a voice. In my mind I do, in reality I don't. As it stands, I rarely sing in public. But put me in a car with my phone and Taylor Swift on shuffle and watch out!

I belt out every lyric as if I was on stage next to T-Swift herself. These moments are quite possibly some of my favorite each day. I just love a good song you can sing to. And really, who doesn't?

The other week, someone asked what type of music J listens to. She suggested "classical" or perhaps "baby Einstein." I paused for a second, and knew this answer was too easy.

 Ummm, yeah...he listens to Taylor Swift and the occasional Adele tune.

Then it hit me.

No, not that I'm failing as a mom playing classical music for my budding genius. But that some day, that boy is going to realize mama in in the front seat belting it out as if she were Aretha Franklin.

It's only a matter of time before he realizes this is not a fun game but an embarrassingly traumatic experience.

So lay it on me ladies, how long you think I've got until J makes me stop singing? Two years? Three years?

Here's to hoping he'll think I'm the greatest, non-embarassing singer on the planet :)


  1. I do the same thing! Oh, just not Taylor Swift, she's cute, just not my thing. My oldest will be 6 and I think he kind of likes it. Sometimes I even catch him singing along in the back. Keep rockin' Mama!!!

  2. Nah, you've got MANY years! Kitty loves some Travie McCoy, Cee-Lo Green, and ANY Broadway musical. Of course, we throw in a little Yo Yo Ma now and then, but he doesn't have the booty shakin' beat we need!

  3. Ha! W is close to two and he's just fine with my singing. And then again some of my fondest childhood memories are of hearing my dad singing through the wall my room shared with his bathroom. I hated it at the time but looking back, wouldn't change a thing.

  4. Ha ha he'll love your singing and will want to join in!

  5. I'm sure you've got plenty of years! I will belt it out for my 4 year old niece and she thinks it's just amazing and tells me I sing so pretty when in honesty, I know I sound like a feral cat stuck in a tree :)

  6. Too funny! I sing to the kids all the time in my horrid voice. They just laugh at me. You got many years,lol!


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